How to Choose Different Types Of Plus Size Swimsuit

Curvier ladies often lack adequate confidence about their bodies because of the extra degree of flab. But this shouldn’t be the case as every woman is born beautiful and needs to realize her true self by accepting her body in its rawest form. Being curvy also stands out as a sign of good health and child bearing aptitude apart from being completely irresistible to the opposite sex.

But, you will rarely come across any woman who is completely satisfied with her physique. Be it plus size or petite, women of all age and category tend to share similar viewpoints about sporting swimsuits in public. However, designers feel that it is possible for all the lovely ladies to look equally alluring irrespective of their size if they make the right choice in regards to plus size swimsuits.

Types of Plus Size Bathingsuit

With a variety of options available in the market, taking your pick can definitely seem pretty daunting. Your confidence level greatly determines how good you look while strolling down the beach. Today we are going to guide you through the various types of plus size swimsuits so that you can flaunt your god-gifted curves while enjoying sunshine on your shoulders on that much-awaited tropical vacation.

Understanding Your Body Shape

Every single woman is born different and that is what makes her absolutely unique. The same also applies to body shape which serves as one of the most crucial preconditions of wearing a plus size swimsuit. Once you determine your body shape and gain knowledge about all its positive features and negative aspects, you can enhance your favorite parts while camouflaging the areas which you might not be equally confident about.

Types of Plus Size Bikinis

It also pays to be a little adventurous and think outside the box while choosing your plus size swimsuit. Thus, just because you have never tried out a particular type of swimsuit or bikini, it doesn’t mean that you should completely dismiss the idea. Tying out a number of swimsuits prior to making the final purchase can make you completely confident about a particular style which can ooze out your sex appeal like none other. Now that you have decided on your body shape, let’s take a look at the different varieties of plus size swimsuit available in the market.

Super Sexy Swimsuits

Swimsuits have evolved into one of the most popular swimwear types for ladies of modern times. Retro styled swimsuits have already turned into the talking point of all runaway shows and has even flooded the Instagram feed of fashion influencers on a global scale. Although you could feel the glare of the fashion police for wearing plus size swimsuits even a few years back, think have changed substantially now.

This can serve as the ideal choice for ladies who do not wish to flaunt too much flesh. With its ample coverage, this modest swimwear can make you feel comfortable while walking down the beach without having to worry about exposing something that you initially didn’t intend to do.

Swimsuits can be exceptionally flattering depending on its color, cut and patterns. It also doesn’t take much effort to style this look. Petite plus size women can opt for a swimsuit having coloured side panels as that can create the illusion of an instant tummy tuck and waist nipping at the right places for creating that beautifully coveted hourglass figure.

Types of Plus Size Swimsuit

A large number of plus size swimsuits offer extra bust support to suffice the requirements of curvy ladies. The underwired cups can impart a beautiful shape to your breast and help you in focussing attention of the same especially if you wish to hide other problem regions such as your waistline or hips.

Women with curves also look beautiful in racer back and halter neck swimsuits which can be extremely flattering and also provide an additional level of support. Plus size women having smaller bust size can proceed with moulded or padded cup options for creating an illusion of a gorgeous cleavage.


If you are floored about the idea of wearing a two-piece swimsuit but are not feeling very confident about revealing your stomach, then a tankini might suffice you well. One of the best things about wearing a tankini is its sheer versatility which makes it ideal for women of all body shape. You can pair it up with traditional bikini bottoms for showing off your shapely legs while concealing the tummy region in style.

Types of Plus Size Swimwear

In stark contrast to a regular swimsuit, the tankini will make you feel less restrained but more secure. It thus strikes the perfect balance between these two plus size swimsuit options.


There was a time when bikini was earmarked against women without hips. But plus-size models have complete crushed this stereotype by sporting skimpy two pieces to propagate the message of body positivity in an aesthetic manner. You can also nail this sexy look by opting for bikinis having slightly larger bottoms. This will provide you with the flexibility of either rolling it up or wearing it higher to create the illusion of a higher waistline which can be both flattering and slimming.

The bikini chosen by you needs to impart adequate breast support as an ill-fitting one will just end up accentuating your size and bringing down your confidence.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day it all boils down to your personal preference and comfort level. Thus, if you are not feeling at ease with a particular style, then it’s better to dress the way which makes you feel happy even if that clashes with the set style standards.

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