Top Plus Size Models Rocking The World With Their Curves

Fashion is not just about a skinny figure; it is much more than that. Fashion cannot be defined by the size of your waist. It is defined by your sense of style and the way you carry yourself. This is the truth that has been established by the advent of several #PlusSizeModels in the fashion world. From posing in amazing photo shoots to featuring on the cover page of fashion magazines, these women are definitely rocking the world with their curves.

Ashley Graham has broken fashion myths-

#AshleyGraham is one name that tops the list of #PlusSizeModels across the world. Top Famous Plus Size ModelsThis woman has been a torchbearer and has shown many women that curves matter. She has redefined fashion and lifestyle by not following the conventional sizes expected from models. Her shoots for popular lingerie collection and swimsuits have left the world stunned. We all love her for what she is and her unabashed style.

Hayley Herms can pull of anything and everything-

Hayley Herms has been pushing beyond the boundaries and proving her worth by taking up all fashion challenges. She can look sleek and chic as well as hot and attractive without having to look skinny. Her passion for modeling has taken her to the top and made her a known figure in the #PlusSizeLineOfFashion and we all love how she carries her never-say-no attitude.

Naomi Shimada

Naomi Shimada is another #PlusSizeModel who has fought the prejudices to rise to the top. After modeling for 15 years she has earned a name for herself and brought a positive change in the industry. At quite a young age she decided to quit dieting from taking over her life and embraced #ModelingForPlusSizeFashion and living life her own way. She has featured time and again on popular magazines like Oh Comely and InStyle and is a pioneer in plus size fashion.

Here are some bold women who have believed in themselves and their worth and taken up fashion challenges without just toeing the line. They have dared to live life their own way instead of blindly following #Fashion codes. #PlusSize is still a shameful word for many and body shaming is done quite frequently. But thanks to some of these bold women the scenario has changed quite a lot and will surely be changing further in the future. #PlusSize is not shameful, it is just how you live your life.

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