Top 5 Things That Plus Size Women Want To Change About Clothing Brands

We have moved a very long way towards body positivity but even today shopping for clothes can get very frustrating for plus size women. While there are many designers who are on the right track, most retailers fail to fulfill the necessary requirements of curvy women. Although some high-end brands accommodate plus size clothing, most mid to low end stores forget to offer a plus size section. This not only means that it becomes difficult for women like us to find affordable yet fashionable clothing, but it is also very disheartening and makes us feel unwanted in ‘normal’ clothing sections. So here are the top 5 things that plus size women want all clothing brands to hear.

1) Plus size styles are mostly just scaled up versions of smaller sizes

Designers are always creating their final designs on thin silhouettes and small dress sizes. Plus Size Womens DressesThen those same styles are just reproduced for a larger body size. But bodies are not math worksheets and the styles that look good on slimmer women won’t necessarily suit a plus size person. Manufacturers seem to forget that a female body just doesn’t uniformly increase in size so just making another garment in a larger size but with the same proportions doesn’t work. So, clothing brands should design plus size outfits specifically keeping a plus size body in mind.

2) We look for minimalist clothing when going for a relaxed look

What if you went clothes shopping and realized that all the jeans and t-shirts of your size have been removed from the shelves? That’s what we feel like every time we enter a clothing store. Walking into the plus size section it is never difficult to spot the floral prints and sequins. But where are the clothes for a perfect lazy girl look? Turns out finding a comfy cotton t-shirt that fits right can be the most difficult task for a plus size girl. So plus size fashion should also include more styles along with more sizes.

3) Use real plus size models in advertising

Even if they put in a plus size section at the back corner of the store, clothing brands never use actual plus size models to advertise their clothing.

This sets a benchmark that only slim women are desirable and acceptable on billboards and store windows. This makes us feel ashamed of our bodies and your advertising policies are at major fault. We would like to see some real plus size models advertise the clothing that is specifically made to cater to us. And no, not all plus size women have an hourglass shape with a cinched waist, remember that too.Plus Size Womens Clothing

4) We care about fashion and want to look sexy

Plus size women love fashion as much as slimmer women and we would like some of the latest styles available in our sizes too. We are tired of the boring styles that look like maternity wear and want to show some skin as we’re proud of our bodies. I’m personally tired of the plus size sections being filled with long black dresses that will hide all my curves. And since I’m not pregnant how about cutting back on the empire waist floral dresses too? Take away the depressing silhouettes and bring out some fashion forward plus size clothing. We want to wear cold shoulder tops like the rest of the world.

5) We need more plus size clothing and in bigger sizes

So, our final demand is that we need a lot more plus size clothing because it’s aimed at quite a large section of the population. We have our individual preferences in terms of styles and fabric that needs to be represented in our clothing options. Whether we’re talking of fitness wear or two-piece swimwear the options for plus size women are practically non-existent.

Also, sometimes the clothes being sold as plus size are a joke. Most of the times the biggest size in the plus size section is a 3X or XXXL which can actually vary from brand to brand. Meaning the 3X of a particular brand can end up being an L or XL in another. This further cuts down our options and fails to be inclusive of all body types.

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