Tips For Accessorizing For Curvy Women

While dressing up for Christmas many plus size women miss out on using accessories which can lead to a mismatch plus size Christmas attire for them. This article will focus mainly on tips for accessorizing for curvy women.


If you have stipulated waist then you can choose to wear a 3-inch wide simple belt or just 1-inch wide thinner belt. Make sure you pick a leather belt that ties and wraps around firmly to give you comfort and perfect fit. If you want a Bo-ho look then slinging belt around your hips would be a perfect choice.

The belts differ in size and you need to look for the belts in plus size store to get the right fit and you can also buy it from online store.

Plus Size Christmas Fashion


Statement jewellery looks awesome on curvy women. Tiny pieces aren’t for them so choose a jewellery piece that leaves an impact. You can wear necklaces and focus on the areas of your body that you wish to highlight.

Elegant Plus Size Christmas Dresses

The necklace should be long enough to reach a height. It shouldn’t be too small that fits tight around your neck. You can try combining two different necklaces to get creative and get the right length. Try out different styles that suits your plus size Christmas outfit

Plus Size Black Christmas Dresses


Pointed toed shoes compliments silhouette well than the shoes with rounded-toe. If you possess wider ankles/fuller calves then do not go for T-straps & ankle straps. They will not make your legs look longer rather will make them appear wider.

Plus Size Christmas Apparel

Go for peekaboo or sling back styles and if you are looking for more comfort then go for shoes that give you heel support for example wedges.

If you are going on a trip to beach this Christmas the your plus size Christmas costume can have flat sports cool sandal which in ideal footwear to enjoy on beach side.

Plus Size Christmas Attire


Do not opt for smaller purse. This means when you look in mirror make sure the bag you are carrying should be proportionate to your figure. If you try out a smaller bag it just gets lost and it won’t make you appear classy and stylish.

Plus Size Christmas Cocktail Dresses

You can pick shoulder bag or oversize hobo, a large tote bag, bucket bag, a large top-handle, cross body bag etc.,

If you are invited for an occasion or evening party then an envelope shaped clutch would be the right choice.

Plus Size Christmas Dress


Scarves can be worn in creative ways. You can use the right scarf to add colour around the face and also use it in many ways if your plus size Christmas attire is too light or too dark.

Plus Size Christmas Evening Wear

A scarf can also be used in form of a belt provided your scarf is big in size to wrap around your waist properly.

Plus Size Christmas Holiday Dresses

You can tie your scarf around the neck either casually or formally depending on what kind of look you want to get.

Plus Size Christmas Looks

The best idea to use a scarf and cover it with belt as it will give your plus size Christmas outfit a different and trendy look. Some women also wear scarf as bracelet or like a headband so the creativity that you can explore with your scarf is endless.

Plus Size Christmas Outfit

You don’t have to think about losing weight to look fabulous. You can try plus size outfits and accessories that match each other. You can get creative to try different styles and come up with your own creative style.

Just try to experiment with accessories and come up with ideas that go with your outfit. An idea that would make you look good will hit your mind.

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