The Where, What And How Of Plus Size Clothing.

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“Size doesn’t matter” “It’s good to be curvy” “Black is life” etc. the things you usually get instead of compliments. Not that these notions aren’t true, just that little more direct compliments would play a better role. You cannot change every men’s opinion, but you can certainly change what they look at.

This isn’t a motivating or weight reduction blog, just some plus size clothing ideas. So first of all, let us start with the question “Where?”

Where would you find a fabric that is not set up on a 36-24-36 mannequin? The answer to this would be ‘All’ or ‘H & M’. Stores where you could find your sunflower dress, without getting it altered from the sides. Plus Size Clothing For Young WomenThese stores are filled with plus size clothing ideas. Moreover, you won’t feel you have entered an ‘ALL BLACK’ world. There would be pink, yellow and blue, along with baby pink and sky blue. These stores are a treat to your eyes.

Now, coming to the next question, “What?”

What kind of clothes should you prefer? As the store name suggests, ‘all’. You won’t like to cut of certain fashion, just because it doesn’t go with your size. Of course, you might want to take care of few things, but not wearing shorts until your thigh gap decreases isn’t the answer.You must dress according to your curves and of course there are parameters of what would look nice and what would not. You can buy a Navy-Blue Collar-T shirt or a knee-length summer dress but pay attention to the sleeve patterns. This is where your readings about plus size clothing ideas would come in picture. Which brings us to our next question “How?”

How do I style myself? It is easy, when you have a perfectly toned arms and legs, and your waist is one that can be showed off, but the business becomes a little tricky, when it comes to non-barbie bodies.

So, let us first start with the colors. Black would be your first choice, then darker shade of any other color and only in the end you would put your finger on that sky-bluetrench dress. I would say, if your aim is to look thin, you must go with the darker shades, especially black. But if that’s not what you are looking for, instead you want to try your hands-on variety of fashion outfits, then you could prefer any color, along with few additions and subtractions.

Now we move on to sleeve patterns. You can use shrugs, in case of sleeveless dresses, just to make it more appealable. Otherwise, there are variety of sleeve patterns that would go with your updated fashion quotient. Long and 3/4th sleeves are the most preferable. Trumpet, Cuff and circular Flounce are 3 of many types of long sleeves, that would add to your booklet of plus size clothing tips. It covers the area of our arms, which helps in deleting the thought of ‘not uploading a picture because your arms look big.’

Then we have neck cut patterns. Aligned shoulder pattern, would work as charm. Then we have the normal collar pattern, which also would be preferable over ordinary oval shaped neck cut. A little of deep cut kind of neck pattern, also is a choice. Top most choice in any plus size clothing ideas would be to go with a collar pattern. Collar’s are never out of vogue and they help in giving a definite shape to your shoulder line.One more pattern, that can be added to this list, is the turtle neck pattern. The only thing with this pattern is, that not every type of plus size body type can carry this pattern well. It might suit some of us, it might not look so nice on some of us. And it is certainly not marked in the top 10 plus size clothing idea’s list.

Then comes the length of the clothing you prefer to wear. Well, pencil cut dresses or skirts aren’t a good choice, nor is slim fit jeans. But that doesn’t mean you can drop the options of wearing short dress and skirts. Skater and Shirt dresses would work nice, and for the skirts, Tiered kind, in long ones and Bell- shaped in short ones, would work. There are certainly variety of D’s and S’s that you could wear according to your shape. The only work that has to be done is that it is not extremely fit from the waist area.

Countdown to Summer

Hence, keeping in mind the main three main questions, the booklet of plus size clothing ideas is filled now. So, the next time you visit the stores, better see that the mannequin has your seasoned outfits and colors that are pleasing to eyes. And of not, make sure to give the store your plus size clothing tips.

Countdown to Summer
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Countdown to Summer

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