The Must Know Guidelines While Shopping For Plus Sized Formal Dresses

The fashion industry is known to body shame women all the time who are slightly on the heavier side. Obviously, it becomes a bit of a daunting challenge to find the perfect formal attire when you are plus size and you are looking for the perfect fit. However, we are here to tell you some of the imperative rules, abiding by which would only garner compliments:

1. It is all in the structure: Some plus sized women tend to hide behind the garb of clothes, which are baggy. This only emphasises their extra pounds. However, going for clothes, which are fitted and well structured gives the allusion of a slimmer silhouette.

2. ColoursĀ : No, white does not make you look fat and you cannot always hide behind black. There is more to an outfit than just its color. Plus Size Formal Dresses Near MeAnd while selecting an outfit it is imperative to take into account all the other factors instead of just blindly refusing to wear pastels.

3. Motifs: Patterns and motifs can make a huge difference in the dress that you have chosen for yourself. While it is common knowledge vertical stripes make you look slimmer, horizontal stripes make you look broader, if you are a plus size woman then it is best to avoid jumbo motifs on you dress. Even if you opt for a floral print, make sure the print is not overly big, because this can attract the illusion of more weight than there actually is.

4. Pick the dress that flatters your body– Plus size dresses should not be always shapeless. If you look at the present trend of fashion, sweetheart neckline has become very popular. You may buy chiffon-made gown with empire-style waists. Thus, these are major features that you may look for while purchasing your oversized dresses. This type of waist is best for those, who have hourglass body figure. The neckline can also go with the big-sized bust. Many plus size women also like to put on strapless dresses. However, it will not give you a formal look.

5. Height of plus size women– Women, with plus size figure and shorter height, face issues while choosing dresses. These women should avoid purchasing the large sized dresses. Dresses with drapes are the best for these women. Horizontal style stripes are not good for them. Flashy and oversized patterns are also not acceptable to them.

6. Dress according to your body shape: Plus sized women are generally of three types: apple, pear or the hour glassed shape.

Woman, with pear shaped figure, has heavier bottom and slim neck. The waist and the bust are of medium size. If you are pear shaped then A-line silhouettes can give you the appearance of shape while making your waist and hips look slimmer. Steer clear of pencil skirts because they tend to accentuate the flabbiness of the thighs.Plus Size Formal Dresses Long Sleeve

While buying outfits for any pear-shaped woman, you may better look for garments, which flatter her upper portion so that the lower part will not become emphasized. You can also choose halter style dresses, where you will have complimentary neckline. They have well-designed straps for wrapping around your necks. You will not only create a style but also have comfort.

If you belong in the category of apple shaped then it is best to focus on dresses with a deeper neckline maintaining the focus on your petite bust while taking the focus away from your widest midsection. Since apple shaped women are generally considered to have toned legs, it is better to select formal attire which is knee length so that you can easily flaunt your best assets.

Many fashion designers also say that as the major weight of apple-shaped women is on their stomach, they can better try to consider their legs and hips while purchasing outfits. Choose the loose fitted fabrics, like cotton and silk. Small printed patterns are also good for these women. The dark dress is also right for this body shape. However, you have to keep away from those styles, which include pockets, near your waist portion.

Now if you are lucky enough to be the classic hour glass figure with all curves at the right places then goo for structures A-line dresses to compliment all your curves effectively. Choose U-like or V-style necklines that make you look tall. The dress length needs to be above your knee.

For rectangular shaped body, you may not find several curves. That is why the right dresses for this body shape should create those curves.

Thus, the plus size women can now start shopping their formal dresses with no concern. You have to buy the dress from the best designer to have a high-quality product. You will surely look beautiful just as your slimmer friends.

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