Style Tips For Plus Sized Women To Look Even More Gorgeous

If you’re plus sized you know that you already have great curves and you only need fashion tips to accentuate your gorgeous figure and embrace the real beauty that you are. Mainstream portrayal of skinny girls in high fashion clothes have got you down? Feel like everyday fashion is completely excluding your body type? Don’t worry, here are a few great fashion tips for every woman riddled with this dilemma.

Choose the Right Fit

Know your size and buy clothes that are the exact fit for you. The most important fashion tip for a plus sized girl is to know your own body shape. Style Tips For Plus SizeDon’t get tempted into buying oversized clothes that will only end up making you look bigger. Similarly, don’t wear clothes that are too tight and make you look like you are bursting at the seams.

Keep the Silhouette in Mind

Plus size isn’t a homogenous category as there are women of different shapes and sizes. If you have a rectangular shape, try to create the illusion of a shape with fashion. If you’re pear shaped, wear separates to balance out the entire silhouette. Don’t forget to show off if you’ve got an hourglass figure.

Get a Tailor on Speed Dial

Don’t fret if you end up loving something that doesn’t fit you. Go to a tailor and get your clothes altered to ensure an exact fit.

Accessorize and Wear Great Shoes

You heard me. Great shoes make everyone look and feel great. Wear a statement pair to stand out in the crowd. Wear bold eye-catching accessories but remember to get the body scale right. Make sure that you’re not looking bigger by comparison.

Vertical is Your Best Friend

While someone is looking at you, their eyes must go up and down instead of from side to side. Use vertical details on your clothes. Instead of bold prints, pick out clothes with smaller sparser patterns. V-necks are great for you. They elongate your look and make the eyes travel in a vertical direction.

Lingerie is Super Important

Don’t skimp out on undergarments and invest in a good, supportive bra.

Buy Structured Fabrics

Synthetic fabrics tend to cling to your body and highlight your negative features. Wear clothes made up of structured high quality fabrics that will sit better on your body.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

If you feel great you look great. Play with your hair and makeup and have lots of fun.

Best Fashion Tips For Plus Size

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