Short Skirts And High Heels Look Equally Flattering On Plus Size Women

The ultra tall and ultra skinny women that we see on magazine covers have somewhat become the foundation for the standard of our beauty. These size four women that we see on magazine covers wearing heels and shorts have slender sleek legs, toned abs, firm breasts and so on.

Reality check; all women are not size four and all women don’t have the toned and perfect legs and abs. an average woman is considered to be a size 14, and they do have curves. Who said curves are bad? They are in fact awesome, just a woman with curves needs to know the right way to pull off the high heel and short skirt look.

Plus Size Short Skirt Near Me

Short skirts for elongating effect

For every plus-sized, short woman the upper thigh region is the most dreaded area, where the cellulite rapidly grows. Such women would want to keep their distance from short skirts and dresses and keep the region covered. However, short skirts do work for chubby women if they know to pull off the look.

Wearing a skirt which is only 2 to 3 inches above the knee will elongate the body shape, and draws more focus on the lower region of the body. Wearing a long and fitted skirt will cover everything except for the calf muscles, and will also make you appear heavier and shorter. The same goes for taller women as well, there’s nothing wrong with flaunting a bit of leg.

Become fashion forward with high heels

Another misconception is that heels are for short women, and tall ones cannot wear them. Wrong! Heels should be an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe short and tall alike. Plus sized women, tall or short must always opt for heels whenever wearing a cute dress, or an elegant shirt or a short skirt.

Plus Size Short Skirt

Just make sure, that the heel you wear is comfortable, and helps you maintain your posture and confidence. A pair of stilettos teamed with a monochrome top, and pastel black skirt will give your look that extra oomph and make you feel confident.

Short Skirts and stylish heels can be paired with jackets and shirts which have a tapered waistline. If you have a big waistline and are not comfortable with showing it off, try the peplum look. Peplum skirts are not only fashion forward but are also excellent for covering the bulging fat around the waist. Hide the bits that make you feel uncomfortable and flaunt your assets, opt for dresses which compliments your proportions.

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