Newest Rules Of Wearing Plus Size Clothes

Plus size clothing was always on the receiving end of major backlash from the fashion industry especially due to body-shaming. There was a time when retailers rarely stocked decent garments for the curvy ladies who had to make do with the unflattering and baggy plus size clothes they could get their hands on.

This underwent a drastic change at the shift of the millennium when the world of fashion become much more inclusive and started seriously thinking about the plus size category as a potential market which was just waiting to get harnessed. Body positive messages shared by plus sized celebrities and models also helped in this cause which ultimately forced designers to sit up and take notice of this entire new apparel segment.

Fashion Plus Size Clothes

In spite of that, various stereotypes were set in regards to plus size clothes which these curvy ladies were expected to follow. However, this underwent a massive change as plus size models like Ashley Graham and Tara Lynn broke all stereotypes and showed the whole world how to dress in a way which could flatter their god-gifted curves and still win brownie points from the fashion police.

Today we are going to take a look at some of the preconceived notions pertaining to plus size clothes which were shaken and stirred by these bootilicious divas:

  • Previously fussy details such as ruffles were considered a strict no-no for plus sized ladies. They were thought of as unflattering for drawing attention towards the problem areas. But the latest rule is all about making those ruffles work in your favour. Well, we are not advising you to opt for a massive frill exactly on your problem zone, but you can definitely place it on other areas in a subtle manner for nailing that seamless look.

Ruching also serves as an extremely flattering option in plus size clothes as it can create shape without adding to the volume. You can opt for curved princess seams running through the sides of shirts and jackets for creating the illusion of a more designated waistline. Vertical ruffles running through a side of the dress or skirt can make you look taller. They also look flattering on cuffs, sleeves as well as skirt hemline.

  • Style mavericks previously had a thing for curvy ladies and empire waistlines. This particular style was thought of as the ultimate option for plus size ladies. However, this was a complete myth. There is no “one size fits all” in the world of fashion and something which might look good on your friend might not look good on you.
Fashion To Figure Plus Size Clothes

The plus size clothes having Empire waistline can surely fulfil its purpose amongst bottom-heavy or smaller-busted women by drawing attention towards the décolletage and waist. However, this becomes a complete recipe of disaster for full-busted ladies or the ones having a greater share of weight accumulated at their midsection.

  • Baggy clothes were once considered the holy grail of plus sized ladies as they were believed to properly camouflage all your problem zones. But the new rule is all about flaunting your well-endowed figure as cocooning yourself in billowing fabric will just render a larger look to your fame. Bulk rarely looks good on anyone and you need to showcase your actual body shape by opting for dresses which hug your natural curves.

You can proceed with plus size clothes made up of stretchable fabrics which can render a smooth and sexy look without coming off as too snug. But if you are thinking about layering your look, then keep moderation in mind. Thus, you need to team them up with something more fitted and refrain from going ahead with exaggerated cuts. You can add volume either at the top or bottom but not overall.

  • The plus size clothes even a few years back stuck strictly to monochrome palettes as they were believed to create an illusion of a slimmer frame. But modern day stylists are trying to strike a right cord of harmony in the monochrome frame without over utilising it.

Randomly throwing in pieces belonging to the same shade category can actually make you look sloppy. Rather you need to play around with various types of fabrications. Thus, rather than wearing the exact same fabric from head to toe, you need to add a variety of textures for greater versatility. Women have an unexplained affinity towards the nude shade. However, this shouldn’t be of the same shade as that of your skin tone or else no delineation will remain in between your clothes and your skin.

How To Wear Plus Size Clothes
  • Bright prints and colors could rarely be seen in the wardrobe of plus size fashionistas of the last decade. They were mostly made to believe the common myth that these shades could draw unnecessary attention towards their problem zones. But in reality, there is absolutely no rule pertaining to your body shape and the shade or print of your garment provided it complements your skin tone and personality.

Even the brightest of reds can render a slimming finish provided you chose the right cut and fit. If you are not feeling very confident about trying out vibrantly hued plus size clothes, then you can start out small with such detailing in your jewellery, shoes and bags before moving on to the bigger pieces.

The prints should also be in proportion to your body as tiny prints might seem lost when worn by a plus size lady. When in doubt you can easily opt for watercolour prints which never fails to render a flattering look and feel as one shade melts its way into another.

Who Can Wear Plus Size Clothes
  • White is one such color which is even till now earmarked against the slender ladies. But it can also be styled to perfection by curvy women provided they choose the right fit. You just need to steer clear of plus size clothes made up of flimsy fabrics as they tend to highlight your bumps. Rather you should opt for substances having structure as they provide both support and that extra level of thickness to ensure that your undergarments doesn’t become visible while you are out in the sun.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day you just need to be confident in your skin and the same is going to radiate on your face and in whatever dress you choose to wear.

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