Rock These Trends Even If You Are A Plus Size Model!

#PlusSizeFashion is a big up and coming trend in the #FashionIindustry with designers no longer castigating a woman’s curves but rather embracing them and using it to their advantage to make it look more glamorous by strengthening the silhouettes of their dresses and something which not only suits their models but also real #WomenOfPlusSizes. Now whether you are a #PlusSizeModel or a regular woman, and you are dress shopping the primary thing to first figure out is your body type or shape. This means you have to have a clear idea of whether you are pear, apple or oval shaped. But even if you are not completely knowledgeable of your shape, you need not worry because you can still figure out the best dress shapes keeping in mind the following tips:

Plus Size Model Clothing LineThe shift dress: the shift dress is the best friend of women of all curve sizes and shapes. Also known popularly as the sheath dress, this is the standard selection when it comes to designing of LBDs in the classic format. Easy to throw on, and easier to carry without having to worry about spillage or showing what should be hidden, this is a great option for women all around the year. And if you are uncomfortable with your legs, then honey why did God invent black tights after all?

The A-line dresses: this is one of those universally flattering silhouettes that suit all women irrespective of their #BodyShapes and for which women are eternally grateful. The best part of this silhouette is that it falls in a single stretch thus not emphasising the lines that you might want to hide. If you are an A-line girl then one good thing to keep in consideration while buying these sort of a dress is to make sure it comfortably snuggles your bust, torso as well as hips. A dress that is well fitted in one place and loosely fitted in another is not the best #ALineDress to select.

The swing or skater dresses: similar to A-line this #TypeOfDress found its popularity in the 1960s and is another universally flattering silhouette well suited to everyone. They have some shape at the bust and then falling freely while being cinched in at the shoulders, hiding the flab at the waist and making it look more feminine and desirable. And if you are a bit on the taller side, then this dress is going to be your soul mate.

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