Why There Is A Rise In Plus Size Clothing Market

‘PLUS SIZE’ – this word has become very popular in last few years. Earlier was the time bigger and fat women were not welcome in the fashion world. Rather you can say they were neglected or ignored. Only slim and thin body was accepted and considered as a good body shape. The size of individual has increased over the years and gave birth toplus size fashion and clothing. It was bit troublesome to find perfect fit for such plus size but now it is very easily available in local market or even on online market.

How To Market Plus Size Clothing

It is a saying ‘the time changes everything’ so today we can see revolution and a huge change in plus size fashion. Because of this revolution the perception for the plus size women changed. You can find details of many plus size models on internet. Fashion shows are now arranging fashion parade for plus size models. The acceptance of plus size in fashion industry has given rise to many things resemble to it like plus size clothing, plus size blogging, plus size modelling etc.

Fashion Trends For Plus Size Ladies

Today we shall discuss the topic why plus size clothing market is a big business now. Let’s scroll down for further reading.

Hottest Plus Size Trends

The main reason for increase in plus size people is eating disorders and obesity. Today every country of the world is suffering from the issue of obesity and mainly in youngsters.

The demand for regular sized clothes has shifted to plus sized clothes. 60 % of Women who are above 40 come under the category of plus size.

Latest Plus Size Fashion Trends

Designers have noticed the intense need for plus size clothes in market and the result of it is there are lots of options available in market for plus size individuals.

Latest Trends In Plus Size Clothing

Earlier it was hard for plus size people to find a decent garment collection in their size but now it is easily available in market in many material and designs.

In fact for larger people separate clothing line has immerged who only serves people who are in search of larger size.

Market For Plus Size Clothing

There are many brands whose only focus is plus size customer to name a few are Aldo, Dress barn, Gwynne Bee, Eloquii, Modcloth, Asos Curve, Adrianna Papell.

Another reason for increase in plus size clothing is increase in the measurement of men and women.

Plus Size Apparel Industry Trends

In 1960s woman’s measurement was 34B bust, 24’ inch waist, and 33’ inch hips (This is an average measurement). And this measurement has changed. It is 36C bust, 28 inch waist and 38 inch hips.

Before 40 years average size of woman was size 8 which has become 14 (approx.) now.

Plus Size Clothing Industry Trends

According to PLUS Model magazine; “In the fashion industry, plus size is identified as sizes 10-14, super size as sizes 1X-6X and extended size as 7X and up”.

Plus Size Clothing Industry

All these reason led to rise in plus size clothing industry. Plus size clothing does not resemble to women only but men are also not behind in plus size body.

Plus Size Clothing Market Growth

Due to eating disorder and lazy life style not only girls but young boys are also facing the plus size problem.

Plus Size Dress Trends

Let us tell you which brands serves only plus size clothing.

Dress barn

This brand is only for plus size people who wish to purchase good yet economical product. What ever the occasion it may whether a job interview or a date night or a hang out dress barn can be your one stop shop.

Plus Size Industry Trends


Another option for a curvy girl is modcloth.com. This brand offers swim wear, day dress in retro look. So don’t wait to get back into 90s retro era with this brand.

Plus Size Market Trends

Adrianna Papell

The famous plus size brand offers you all kind of classy and chic dresses. If you are searching for a beautiful bridesmaid dress or a wonderful evening gown click on Adrianna Papell.

Plus Size Trends For 2019

Asos Curve

Being a fashionista in style is not wrong. No matter whether you are curvy or not, what you wear matters, how you style matters. Asos Curve is that brand which offers you stylish dresses and accessories.

Plus Size Womens Clothing Industry


Eloquii is a brand dedicated to only plus size that provides fashionable clothes that are work appropriate too.

Plus Size Womens Clothing Trends


Premme is the famous and most loved brand by plus size individuals. The brand is owned by two popular plus size bloggers, Gabi Gregg and Nicolette mason. This brand covers size from 12 to 30 and offers sheer dresses, Bodycon dresses, crop tops and a lot more.

Target Market For Plus Size Clothing

Isolated heroes

Isolated heroes do not consider size, age gender but believes fashion is for everyone. It is UK based plus size fashion line which was launched in 2012 by Samantha McEwen. They provide size up to 24.

Trends In Plus Size Fashion

Worldwide acceptance of plus size individuals have opened the doors for plus size fashion. Now they can also get themselves into fashion with the help of such brands discussed above. Now showing of your curves is not shameful or indecent thing. Be brave, be stylish.

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