Plus Size Trousers For Women

Heavy Ankles and Calves: Style Tips

Most #Plussizedwomen heavy ankles and calves and this makes them quite self conscious while showing off some skin. Winters are not an issue as most women prefer pants, but, come summer and you will want to wear some light weight fabrics. You can not hide behind those pants all the time; it is nice to show some leg sometimes. Plus Size Trousers For WomenJust because you wear #plussizedapparel, does not mean you can not be feminine. There are ways to style these areas while looking drop dead sexy.

So how exactly do you camouflage those legs? Here are some basic tips:

While looking for plus sized trousers, avoid those that end at the calf as they would just draw more attention to your problem areas. Also steer clear from leggings as well as tapered jeans as both tend to gather at the calf adding to the total volume. You can opt for flared cuts and jeans; these would not only hide your ankles, but also provide room for a great pair of heels.

This does not mean you need to stay away from those gorgeous aisles full of plus sized skirts and dresses. Look for dresses and skirts that are A- line to the knee. As knee is the smallest part, your legs get a great shape as well as the hem line of that A – line skirt would be wider and would make your ankles and calf look slimmer in proportion. Avoid dresses and skirts that are calf length, ankle length and have a bias cut. A calf or an ankle length skirt will lead the eye on the biggest part of your leg, thus making them look more voluminous, while a bias cut fabric tends to stick to the body thus making your ankles look bigger in comparison.

Once you have zeroed in on your outfit, you will need to choose your footwear. The main point to remember here is to avoid a strap on your ankle as it would be as good as highlighting your problem area. Also, avoid wearing kitten heels as it is very delicate and would make your calf look heavier. Also, kitten heels have closed toes which would visually make your feet a good three to four inches shorter, thus making your legs look stouter and heavier. While shopping for footwear look for the ones that are open toed and have a chunky or wedge heels. As the ankle is elongated right down to the toes, your legs appear longer and thinner. Opting for pull on or high ankle boots are also a good way to create an illusion of thinner legs.

Go out their and flaunt your plus sized curves and do not be afraid to show some skin.


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