Plus Size Swimsuit Style Which Can Flatter Your Body

While out for swimwear shopping, you need to primarily have a clear understanding of your body type as that will help you in proceeding with well informed decisions time and again. You need to know about your problem areas as well as the assets you wish to highlight for streamlining the swimsuit design for you upcoming beach party. Today we are going to discuss in detail about six body types and also line out the specific types of plus size swimsuits which can flatter each category of women.

Plus Size Bathingsuit

Hourglass Shape Body

This is definitely one of the most sought after body shapes which can be seen on tinsel town divas such as Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian. Women having this super curvy structure are bound to feel spoilt for choice with the diverse array of plus size swimsuits which are specifically designed to flatter their structure. The narrow waistline of hourglass shaped ladies get aesthetically balanced by their hips and shoulders all featuring the same width.

These ladies can go ahead with quality tops which can render adequate support to their breast while supporting its free movement. Racer back bras and sporty tops are thus excellent options for these ladies as they blend in style with comfort.

You can go ahead with plus size swimsuit having dark coloured bottoms if you wish to camouflage the excess fat around your hip region. Black can serve as an exceptionally slimming option which looks gorgeous when paired with a floral top for bringing your breasts under the spotlight.

Plus Size Swimsuit for Ladies

You can also proceed with swimsuits having a scrunched bottom as that tends to create an illusion of a toned-down booty.

Apple Shape Body

Apple shaped ladies usually have between average to large breasts, wide and round shoulders as well as arms and legs. These are not as prone to weight gain as their midsection and shoulders. It is not uncommon for ladies born with hourglass figure to turn into an apple shape coupled with weight gain.

In such a case, they can look for plus size swimsuits having plunge, keyholes as well as deep V-necklines for drawing attention towards your bust area. Top heavy ladies on the other hand can go ahead with swim wears having adjustable ties to help them exercise flexibility in terms of the amount of skin they wish to flash.

The apple shaped ladies can choose skirt style swimsuits which will hug their waist and flare at the bottom portion. Contrast also plays a big role in hiking up your score while playing the camouflage game.

Peplum tankini swimsuits can also flatter plus-sized apple shaped ladies by making their frame look more like that of an hourglass. This helps in creating the illusion of a slimmer waist as it flares around the hip portion.

Plus Size Swimsuit for Women

A handkerchief tankini also stands out as a viable option for plus sized ladies who wish to hide their bulging tummies with the empire line silhouette.

They can also opt for swimsuits having vertical stripes running through the same as it can make you look taller than actual. Diagonal lines on the other hand can distract others from focussing on the bulk and width of your tummy by beautifully softening out your edges. You can even choose a combination of vertical and horizontal stripes for nailing a super flattering look.

If you have been wearing tankinis for like eternity and are on the lookout for a change, then two piece swimsuits having a tummy control panel can come to your rescue. These high waisted plus size swimsuits usually feature an extra layer of fabric which can tuck in tummy fats to prevent it from sagging.

Diamond Shape Body

Women who have super wide hips but proportionately slender arms and legs are said to fall under the diamond shape category. Often diamond shaped ladies become apple shaped after gaining weight. But in most cases, the waistline of diamond shaped ladies look like a sloping outline whereas the apple shaped ones look plainly round.

The main problem zones of this body type are thus the hip and midsection which have to be camouflaged for bringing the legs and arms into focus. Peplum tankinis can flatter your curves by sculpting your waist line while highlighting your legs and arms. You can also go ahead with handkerchief tops which allow adequate breathing space to your tummy while sculpting the same.

Plus Size Swimsuit

Vertical as well as diagonal lines can also usher in a naturally slim look. However, you should be cautious about avoiding horizontal pattern around your midsection as it might simply widen the same.

Rectangle Shape Body

Just as the name suggests, rectangle shaped women tend to have an athletic physique. With next to none waist definition and small breast and hips, these ladies gain weight equally all over their body. But in extreme scenarios, their mid-section might get too flabby and resemble an apple shaped lady. These women can opt for a plus size swimsuit having an attached belt for creating the illusion of a slender waistline.

A color blocked plus size swimsuit can also create the illusion of curves at the right place to impart greater femininity to rectangle shaped ladies.

Inverted Triangle Shape Body

These ladies have broad arms and shoulder which are the most susceptible to weight gain. They should separately buy the tops and bottom of their swimming wear. One piece can also be tried out provided you proceed with the right measurements of your waist, bust and hip region.

Inverted triangle shaped ladies can try to achieve balance by wearing swimsuits which shall make their arms and shoulders look narrower and hips wider. They can wear a dark coloured top and pair it up with a floral bottom for accentuating the drama around the hip line.

Plus Size Swimwear

Peplum tankini swimsuits also look exceptionally flattering on these ladies by creating an illusion of wider hips and smaller waistline.

A V-neck swimsuit can also be of help in toning down the bulk surrounding your arms and shoulders.

You should however specifically avoid tops having horizontal pattern as that can make your shoulders look broader. However, you can reserve the horizontal print for your hip area to create an illusion of a bigger and broader bosom.

Pear Shape Body

Triangle or pear shaped women have narrow bust line, well defined waist and wide hip portion. These ladies should avoid one-piece plus size swimsuits as in most cases they end up taking wrong measurements. You can ensure a right fit time and again by purchasing the top and bottom separately.

They can look exceptionally flattering in printed top and plain coloured bottoms. Decorative prints near the waistline should be avoided at all cost as they will just add up to the bulk.

But if you are rigid about sporting printed bottoms, then you should tick to plus size swimsuits having diagonal or vertical prints as they can render a slimming effect.

Bottom Line

Now that you have gained a clear understanding about different body types and corresponding plus size swimsuits, it’s time to set the swimwear scene on fire like a true diva.

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