Elegant Plus Size Skirt Dress Combinations For Curvy Women

Many curvy ladies feel uncomfortable wearing skirts and thus they avoid wearing it. Well, it is because of their shape and size that they don’t even want to try it. There is no need to shy away as skirts are available in different shapes, styles, fits that would suit your figure. It is all about how you pair your skirts with different attires? You just need to find out the latest fashion trends available for plus size ladies with skirts.

You can consider the lengths of the skirts, the accessory you are going to wear and the footwear that compliments your attire. The latest plus size fashion trend gives you the freedom to try different combinations with the skirt to get that perfect look.

Plus Size Skirt Attire

Let us find out the combinations of plus size skirt with other outfits considering the lengths in which the skirts are available

Knee length

The length of this skirt is perfect for the curvy ladies. They allow them to expose a little skin and are available in different styles and shapes so you can just go out there and pick the one that suits you. You can fit the knee length skirt around your waist to highlight your figure.

Then can you pick a pencil skirt more fitted one? Yes, you can without any doubt even larger ladies can pull off fitted pencil skirt like any other skinny ladies. You don’t need to hide your shape and picking some darker shades can give you that bold and beautiful look.

Midi skirts

There are tons of ideas on how you can wear midi skirts too. If you think blazers help you conceal your curves then don’t just restrict yourself to one option and try wearing slinky and gorgeous midi dress with pull on boots.

Midi dress should be part of your closet. Of course you need to select the length of midi dress according to your height. It is better to choose the skirt length that is below or above the calf. It is better to divert the attention to your waist. Choose the colours that are not dull.

Plus Size Skirt Dress

Floor length

If you are little self conscious about your curvy figure, don’t worry floor length lovely skirts can divert the attention from your legs and shift it to your waist. You can go with pink, liliac or darker colors like grey, navy, black etc, you can try flares and patterns in these skirts and you will look stunning.

Patterns/flares look cool on curvy ladies as patterns hide your curves and highlight the assets you want to. There are many curvy ladies who shy from even exposing a little skin so for them it is a boon to explore the full style and flared skirt that is perfectly fitted at their waist. If you want to experiment a little more then try fishtail skirt and add oomph factor to your style.

Minis/Short skirts

This option is ideal for bulky ladies but again it depends on your preference and comfort level. You can pick loose fitting elegant skirts or just fitted cute short skirts. You can choose in plain or patterns short skirts depending on the occasion. You can combine short skirts with thigh high or knee high boots to make your legs appear slimmer and longer.

Plus size outfits for curvy women to try out with skirts

  • Skirt in animal print with white top
  • Floor length skirt with denim jacket
  • For spring – skirt paired with leggings/stockings
  • Casual attire with skirt
Plus Size Skirt

Wearing skirts is in trend and larger ladies shouldn’t avoid wearing skirts when they have the option to choose the length and pattern in skirts. If you are little shy and do not want to show even little skin then opt for floor length skirt and if you are comfortable showing some skin that knee length skirt will make you look stunning and comfortable.

Miniskirts are definitely for curvy ladies who do not shy away showing skin and can carry it confidently. Certainly, the colour and style depends on the event you are wearing it for. But, if you are trying it for the first time, you need to be confident from within. As carrying a mini skirt needs self-confidence to pull it off well.

There are no restrictions when it comes to plus size fashion as fashion industry has re-invented plus size fashion in a different aspect altogether. With so many styles, patterns and colours available there is a perfect fit for every curvy ladies. You are not bound to choose between just a few conventional plus size outfits but you can pick from a range of stylish plus size attire and once you get the right size and fit you are all set to set fire.

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