Plus Size Models Are Breaking Stereotypes And Rocking The Runway

The fashion industry has often been criticized for creating unrealistic expectations about the ‘perfect figure’. For decades, the industry has portrayed the ‘perfect figure’ as an idealistic image of a woman with no flab and thin shape. However, in the past few years, the fashion industry has progressed a lot, and they have started hiring #PlusSizeWomenAsModels. New York being one of the fashion capitals, a large number of brands are using #PlusSizeWomen to flaunt their collections. The #PlusSizeClothingIndustry is progressing rapidly, and the women involved are breaking the ‘stereotypes’, by setting new examples.

Models are flaunting their curvy figures

Plus Size Model New York CityThese confident curvy divas look fabulous in their natural shape and carry their outfits with poise and grace. Confidence is the main characteristics of all these models, and they seem to have the buoyancy to flaunt their figure without making any excuses. In recent times, arrays of eminent designers are opting for #PlusSizeModels to showcase their clothing line. Recently, Candice Huffine rocked the runway by flaunting her sensuous curvy figure in a bedazzled sheer dress and black bodysuit. Candice is one of the most popular models in New York and she has appeared in the covers of several reputed magazines including Vogue.

Show off those curves with confidence

These models are not only setting an example but are also encouraging other #CurvyWomen to break barriers and flaunt their shape. If you are a #CurvyWoman and feel ‘not so confident’ about your curves take some inspiration from people like Candice and #AshleyGraham. You no longer need to hide your body parts under piles of clothes. Instead you can flaunt them with confidence and poise, and look as beautiful as any other girl. Know why? That’s because your figure doesn’t define you, instead you define your figure.

The struggles, adventures and victories of these plus size models in New York is actually inspiring and has also helped many women around the world overcome their fears. The average American woman is size 14 and hundreds of new clothing lines are being created especially for these curvy femmes. This new trend is having a positive influence on the society, and it is definitely being appreciated by people around the globe. Models like Marquita Pring and #AshleyGraham are showing the world, that ‘size’ can never define the ‘beauty’ in them. So, even if people call you ‘curvy’ or ‘chubby’, don’t let your size define and, remember that you’re a beautiful ‘healthy’ woman.

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