Plus Size Intimate Apparel – What You Need To Know?

Did you know that over 80% women in the world wear the wrong size of intimate apparels? This isn’t surprising considering how little we have to go on when it comes to lingerie, especially lingerie for plus sized women.

So, today we break down some of the basic tips and know-hows of plus size intimate apparel.

* Always get measured first: Different companies have different sizes. So while you maybe a size 38B for company X’s apparels, you may be a size 40D for company Y’s apparels. It may be tempting to buy something based on the size of what you wear right now, but trust us on this, just take a few moments and get measured at the store. It’ll save you tons of time!Plus Size Intimate Apparel Wedding

* Know what you will be wearing with it: A lot of times the right intimate apparel can look wrong when worn with the wrong clothes. For instance, if you are wearing a t-shirt, we suggest that you go for a t-shirt bra so that the seam line is not visible. Shape wear is always a good choice if you are going to wearing a dress or gown.

* Look at separates: Most of the time plus sized women have a hard time finding a set that is both comfortable and fitting. The best to go about it, we suggest, is to shop for the top and the bottom wear separately. Not only will you be spoiled for choices this way, but you can always try different fabrics and support structures to accentuate your body and enhance the comfort factor.

* Know what you want to highlight: Intimate apparel serves more functions than just looking pretty. They support and enhance your best features. For instance, if you want to look bustier and you want to trim your waist, we suggest a corset or an underwired bra if you are looking for more chest support. On the other hand, babydolls are all about the flare and the looks.

So, there you go, some of the most basic know-hows and guide to learning the ABCs of plus sized intimate apparel. Like we keep saying, always go for comfort over style when it comes to intimate apparels, because if you don’t feel sexy, how will you look sexy?

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