Dressing Your Best This Holiday Season

Feeling jolly, are you feeling jolly? Because we definitely are. The celebratory mood has kicked in big time and we cannot wait to celebrate all the holidays and festivities that are just around the corner.

With the huge celebrations set to ensue in about twenty days from now, we are sure the excitement levels are already sky-high because of anticipation of what might happen.

The thought of creating a bucket load of new memories, reliving some of the best (sometimes, the embarrassing) moments with your friends, family and all your loved ones is going to make this holiday season among some of the most cherished moments of your life.

Plus Size Dresses For Holiday Party

While creating memories, we are sure you will also turn to your cameras (whether in your phone, an instant camera or the good old DSLR) in order to capture these memories that we talked about.

You will rock some new poses, have candids clicked and also get in a cheeky pose that looks like a candid (but really, isn’t one). And for all of these shenanigans, you will need to have the perfect pair of clothes for the holiday season.

Keeping that in mind, here are a few wonderful options and different types of dresses that you ought to have around in your wardrobe.

Plus Size Holiday Clothes

What To Wear And Make An Impression

Peplum Dresses

This type of dresses are standouts for plus size ladies with an hourglass shape. This is because they enhance the body shape of a woman with the hourglass figure. A peplum dress is an instant hit outfit because of its flattering and sparkly neckline.

Plus Size Holiday Dresses

The peplum dresses are waist-defining and end up above the knee. This helps the legs look longer and a black colored peplum dress along with nude shoes is a sure shot successful attire for the New Years’ eve. Ladies who have an hourglass figure and are reading this, give a peplum dress a try on the 31st of December 2019, and you for sure will turn out to be a winner.

Retro Swing Dresses

This entire year, retro-themed clothes have dominated the market and for good reason. There was a slight need to go back in time and sort of reform the fashion norms. If the entire year has seen a wave of retro styles come and dominate the market, why not end the year wearing something retro to the year’s eve.

If you are one plus size lady looking to wear something retro come the last day of the year, we suggest you opt for a retro swing dress. It has a sweet charm to it and the yoke and vintage neckline adds lovely detail to the dress up top. The full skirt also will have an adorable swishing when and if you decide to scorch the dance floor.

Sweater (Tucked In) And Sequin Skirts

Not all things that shine are made of gold, but your sequin skirt can be. New Year’s Eve is a night known for falling confetti and glitter-decorated backdrops, so stay festive with a cozy sweater tucked into your sparkly pencil skirt.

Plus Size Holiday Outfit Ideas

Finish this flirty look off with a pair of strap heels of your choice and let yourself glow as much as your outfit. Yes, dancing in heels might be cumbersome, but women always find a way to tackle such issues and we are sure you will too.

Plus Size Holiday Outfits

Crochet Pullovers

Oversized, easy to carry and laid back in looks, crochet pullovers seem like the ultimate festival season clothing gear. It is among the ladies’ favorite gear to wear and it is easy to see why.

They can be made in various sizes and can be worn as layered clothing or as a usual regular go-to single piece of clothing. The rows of vividly sewn yarns add versatility to this piece of clothing which makes it really effective for the person wearing it to stand away from the crowd from a fashion point of view.

Waist Cinching Silhouettes

The waist area should always be well-defined, as a cinched-in midsection is always flattering. It creates or enhances an hourglass silhouette, which is key to maximizing those womanly curves.

Plus Size Holiday Party Dresses

Defining the waist can be as simple as adding a belt (just make sure it’s not a super-wide one) or looking for pieces with details such as ruching or beading at the waist. Certain types of wrap dresses that nip in at the waist and skim the rest of the body can also be a good fit.

Decolletage Dresses

When outfitting your body type, it’s all about highlighting your assets. Fuller-figured women can put their curves to work for them in a dress that shows off the décolletage area.

It’s a sultry, statement-making look that doesn’t cross the line into being too provocative. Plus, showing some skin up top directs the eye upwards to create a vertical, slimming effect while directing attention away from any bottom-heaviness. The same rule applies to shirts, too.

Festivals and holidays are all about showing off, and it is imperative you show off your best assets as plus size ladies.

Plus Size Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

Tailored Pieces

While fuller-figured women may gravitate toward looser, caftan-style silhouettes, all that boxiness won’t maximize the body’s shape to its fullest potential. Tailored pieces, including fitted button-up shirts, structured single-button jackets, and straight-leg trousers should all be considered.

A bit of androgyny provides a sultry juxtaposition to those curves! The fact that tailored pieces are bound to become such a big hit this holiday season is because they are perfectly made for you.

Plus Size Holiday Party Outfits

They are not extra tight and body-hugging (they can be though if you get them made that way) and they aren’t loose and baggy as well. They are right for you and that is why deserve to be a part of your holiday season clothing ensemble.

Black Colored Clothing

The age-old rule still holds true. The color black is the ultimate slenderizing shade. No matter the outfit right from some awesome tuxedo pants to that LBD and even black jeans and a tee, black has your back and will do your figure plenty of favors. Festivals are celebratory and gone are those days when black was not considered a holiday color.

Sure, there are fresher tones and shades out there, however, black oozes real class when used the right way. There are multiple ways in which you can pair black and a lot of different styles in which you can wear it. It can be the dominant color or also a great side color. You can wear and use it the way you want.

Plus Size Holiday Party Tops

Midi Dresses

A midi dress or midi skirt is where the hem ends halfway between the knee and ankle. Traditionally speaking a midi dress ends mid-calf but you never really want it to end right at your mid-calf as you’ll read in the midi dress styling tips below.

The wonderful thing about midi-length dresses is that you can wear them most of the year because of the length. Midi dresses are stylish in the spring, summer, fall and maybe even winter, depending on where you live. Well, new year’s eve is around the winters so a midi dress should be perfect for you.

An extremely stylish and chic attire that you can carry off as an individual dress or can be paired with a jacket, a midi dress is a wonderful new year’s attire. The colors are available in plenty so all you have to do is choose the right color and if you are layering your dress, choose the right color coordination.

Plus Size Holiday Tops

Printed Kimonos

A kimono’s the perfect layer since it won’t weigh you down. While the sun’s still out to play, take your shorts and tan-fit to the next level with a bright and breezy kimono as a layering piece.

The addition of paisley or floral-printed kimono brings a boho touch to your ensemble. If the festival goes late into the night (which they nowadays do), Transition a casual LBD from day tonight. Add a romantic, floral kimono paired with strappy wedges or heels. Then, play with proportions by layering on a duster-length kimono over an above-the-knee dress.

There is a wide world of fashion, a wide world of dresses and a wide world of accessories waiting out there for you. With the holiday season arriving at full speed, we are sure you must have already figured out what to wear and what to buy.

Plus Size Holiday Wear

And in case you haven’t, we know that there is a lot of confusion in your mind as well. We sure hope these dress options will sort out a little bit of the confusion and help you plan a great holiday season in a more organized way.

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