Plus Size Formal Dresses And Gowns – Add Unique Style

The fashion industry has always favored lean and petite figures over natural curves. The bias is very clearly visible when you look at fashion magazines, the runaway or even the sizing charts of clothes made by top brands. Their reluctance to accept all body types or to be more inclusive of them is not new to us.

Yet, with the increasing number of women standing up for body positivity and calling out fat-shaming, there has been a steep rise in the number of brands that represent real women and embrace their curves.

There are plus size clothing options available for all occasions. The most important of these would be the formal dresses and gowns that you wear to attend important events. There are many ways to make sure that your dress compliments your shape and body structure.

Plus Size Formal Dress

Here are some ideas that will help you select the best plus size formal dresses for every occasion-

Ruffle it up

The best way to make sure that your problem area doesn’t show is to make sure that you add layers to your outfit. If you are out for a fancy dinner or a party, it isn’t the best idea to wear multiple layers throughout the night. To make sure you can still use the toning effect that layers add, you can choose a dress which has ruffles.

If you feel like your arms are your problem area, select a dress which has ruffles on the sleeves or torso. This takes attention away from your build and makes you appear leaner.

Make Way for Royalty

Ethereal designs are a great way to boost your confidence as they make you feel like a queen. Many ethereal designs such as draped shoulders stand out and draw attention to your curves in a positive manner. They are comfortable to carry for a long time and can enhance your entire ensemble.

Peplum Dresses

The best way to dress for a formal event like a work party, the simplest yet most elegant choice would be a peplum dress. The dress helps mask a potbelly or fat tiers with its design and draw attention towards the curves that matter. It creates an illusion that makes the wearer appear leaner.

Plus Size Formal Dresses

There are several ways to design a look with a peplum dress. You can choose one which has embroidery or sequins. You can even opt for a dress that has large prints to add to the illusion that the shape of the dress makes.


This the most basic yet the chicest option you can choose. Plus size formal dresses may not create the same lasting impact that a well-fitted jumpsuit will. It makes you stand out in a crowd that would opt for gowns and dresses. You can add a little jazz to your outfit by picking a jumpsuit that has sequences or is bedazzled. Pair these with strappy heels and statement earrings and you’re good to go for the night.

Frill is Fun

To add a zing to your outfit you can choose a vintage styled dress. Choose a brighter shade to make sure you make the most of the look and stand out in a crowd that is trying to play it safe. Several types of vintage dresses might grab your attention but the best way to mark extra body weight and appear toned is to wear a dress with frills. You can opt for a knee-length dress or a midi that accentuates your curves.

A Tulle

Tulle Dresses and Skirts are more floaty and whoever dons them appears to be taller and slimmer. It hides extra volume in the body and it makes the body structure look more toned. It also adds a chic feeling to the ensemble and makes for a soft, classic appearance. You can experiment in many ways as far as a tulle net is considered.

You can have a women backless dresses or a low neck corset with a tulle skirt. You can even wear a tulle dress that is asymmetrical and hence adds to the effect that the tulle creates, giving the impression of a taller and sophisticated woman.

Plus Size Formal

Pleat it in

A silk gown can highlight your problem areas as it tends to be soft and stick to the skin. However, using a plus size gatsby dress with pleats on it might help add texture to the dress and make the look more appealing by hiding tiers or fat that can be seen through any normal dress. Because it highlights the flab love handles that you might want to hide. You can choose to wear a pleated dress with other details such as lace embroidery.

A-line dress

The best way to look elegant without having to worry about seeming plain or seeming bloated is to opt for a classic A-line plus size formal dresses come in a wide variety of colours and can opt for a saturated hue such as wine or navy. Your dress could have a lace order or a net overlay. These bring out the best in your figure and highlight the important curves in your body.

There are several choices for plus size women to choose good plus size formal dresses. There are various brands like Etsy, Asos and torrid that have designed a large number of dresses and collections for plus-sized women and you should surely go and check them out before you make a decision.

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