Tips Of Plus Size Fashion Which Curvy Women Need To Follow

Plus size fashion for curvy women is evolving into the catchphrase of the century with more and more designers opening up new apparel lines for catering to those extra inches in style. The way in which we dress can have a significant role to play on how others perceive us and thus it is imperative to score brownie points with the same whether it is for work or play.

Today we are going to discuss some basic tips of plus size dressing which you need to swear by for evolving as a fashionista time and again.

Plus Size Curvy Clothing
  • If you thought that only the size zero ladies can flaunt their figure with sexy numbers, then you are completely mistaken. The entire thing also holds true in the case of plus size fashion for curvy women who should proceed with apparels which impart definition to their figure rather than making them look shapeless. Oversized garments can make them look larger than what they actually are this makes it imperative to bank on well-fitting ones for accentuating your best features in a lovely manner.

  • There was a time when black was thought of to be the safest shade for plus size ladies as it can camouflage all their physical imperfections in a seamless fashion. Although black definitely wins the race hands down by being the most slimming option, you need to also take a look at the tailoring, proportion as well as overall style for nailing that million-dollar look you had always yearned for. Plus size fashion for curvy women suggest wearing additional colors for accentuating your eye color, face shape and skin tone as black has a tendency of washing out skin tones.
Plus Size Curvy Dresses
  • The size of the print of your dress needs to match up with your overall stature. Large prints are known to flatter plus size ladies whereas small prints might seem completely lost in their broad figure. If you are thinking of wearing dresses having a single big print at one place, then make sure that it is in an area you wish to accentuate.
  • About 75% of ladies wear the wrong bra size which ultimately leads to cup spillage, the saggy appearance of breasts and bra straps digging into your back and shoulders. This is why it becomes necessary to invest in the right bra which can make your entire look seem much more balanced and structured. It is also an absolute must for ladies having a heavy top portion as the right bra can uplift your assets while making your frame look slender.
Plus Size Curvy Fashion
  • According to plus size fashion for curvy women, different women have different body types and thus it is essential to identify yours. Once you gain a complete understanding of your body type, you can easily choose garments which can flatter your silhouette in the best possible way. Curvy women having rectangle body shape can thus opt for puffed sleeves and belts for creating an illusion of curves in their frame. Pear-shaped ladies, on the other hand, need to go ahead with outfits which can impart adequate balance to both the halves of their frame.
  • The accessories chosen by you need to be in proportion to your size. This is why plus size fashion for curvy women advise against delicate jewelry and small purses as these will just emphasize your otherwise large frame. Curvy ladies should thus opt for oversized bags and chunky jewelry. While choosing a clutch, you need to proceed with the ones which fit in your hand without looking dwarfed in the same.
Plus Size Curvy Outfit Ideas
  • Black has served as a favorite shade in plus size fashion for curvy women given its ability to create an illusion of a slimmer frame. This also holds true in the case of other dark shades like deep greens, navy blues, and chocolate browns. You need to dress up in such a manner that the dark shades fall on those areas you wish to de-emphasize. You can thus slip into dark-colored dresses, pants or skirts if you have a triangle shaped figure. These can be paired up with vibrantly hued shrugs or jackets for bringing symmetry to your upper portion.

  • Short or cap sleeves are an absolute no-no for curvy ladies having heavy set arms. This is why plus size fashion for curvy women advocate wearing sleeves which end at the lower part of your arm or elbow. Women having fuller calves need to wear longer skirts and dresses so that their ankles get to hog the limelight. Longer tops, on the other hand, are a match made in heaven for women who wish to cover up their heavy belly region.
Plus Size For Curvy Ladies

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, you need to accept your body shape and appreciate it in its true sense. Only then can you master up adequate confidence in carrying your outfit with the right attitude. Nothing can match up to the super sexy aura radiated by a lady who feels comfortable and confident in her skin. If you manage to do that by one way or the other, then half the battle is already won.

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