Plus Size Fashion Tips – Get Smarter With Your Dressing!

Fashion is a tough task to crack when your body isn’t in shape. And it is a different story altogether if you are a #PlusSizePerson. With the world ready to offer you weight loss advises and the kind of clothes you should wear – the confidence to flaunt your figure nevertheless wins hearts!

Often #PlusSizeClothes are restricted to limited fashion choices. But there is a rising trend in #FashionablePlusSize clothes. So break the stereotype and start with your fashion parade even if you #WearPlusSizeClothes. Here are some tricks you could refer to!Plus Size Fashion Tips And Advice

1. Wear well fit clothes

Some #PlusSized women try to wear tight fit clothes and look like they are going to burst out from the clothes while others wear too loose to hide themselves under it. In both the scenarios you are making yourself look worse. Wear #Clothes that fit you right and are of your size and you will instantly look better!

2. Choose your undergarments smartly

Wear fit and comfortable undergarments which hold your body and make your body shape evident. Wearing proper undergarments doesn’t just make you feel better but also makes your clothes fit well and appear better!

3. Dress as per your body shape

Wear the pants at the lower waist line as it hides the bulginess of your belly. Or if you are choosing to wear skirts, go for the slimmer waistline which accentuates your figure and does not make you look bulgy. Choose the dresses that match your body shape and accentuate the best part of your body.

4. Buy long tops

Short tops only make your belly fat visible too much. Prefer to wear longer tops which hides the chances of showing belly fat as well as make you look slimmer and taller. Long tops make it easy to hide your love handles and even lip or thigh fats thus making you look slimmer.

5. Wear heels

There is a reason girls love heels so much. Added height, sleeker body and better body frame comes with good heels and so if you want to look a little slimmer in the same clothes just level up your foot with a 3-5 inch heels.

6. Denims

When choosing to wear denims always go for straight cuts. Straight cuts save from attention going to your thighs and make you look taller and slimmer compared to tapered and other styles.

7. Neckline

Do not try to cover yourself up completely with highneck or closed round necks. A little deep neck or V-necks work best for the plus size clothes as they bring attention to your shoulder line and avoid the belly attention.

Fashion is the way you express yourself. So play with your strengths and hide your flaws and make plus size fashion a game!

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