Plus Size Fashion Tips For Every Occasion And Body Shape

In spite of the various stereotypes related to body curves, we ought to agree that women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful. Loving those curves is an important part of understanding how to accentuate them correctly. When you accept your curvy figure with grace, you’ll be far more confident and happy, and would be able to dress stylishly. In fact, the plus size movement is on hype, and more and more women around the world are joining it by growing in size. That itself testifies that curves are nothing short of pure beauty. Knowing the type or shape of your frame is mandatory for dressing stylishly and trendily.

Know your shape well

Styling advice such as these are more of a generic nature and help most plus size women understand the shape of their frame. The most common plus size shape is pear, and pear-shaped frames have curvy hips and narrow shoulders. Plus Size Fashion TipsMany consider pear-shaped bodies to be the most difficult to work with, and it is true but only for those who know little about styling. Remember the motto is to always wear dresses and attires that accentuate the top half of your frame. A line or straight skirts, scoop neck tops, high waist belted jumpsuits, and deep V neck cuts are some of the best options for pear-shaped women.

Hourglass frame is a boon

Irrespective of the shape, women who have hourglass figure should consider it as a blessing, and it’s the most easily recognizable shape. The waistline is the best feature of most hourglass shaped women, and always sport attires that help accentuate it. Anything and everything belted looks good on an hourglass shape. Peplum dresses that accentuate the tiny waistline, mid-rise jeans, boot cut pants, short jackets, and shrugs look great on an hourglass figure.

Dress according to body type

Another shape common amongst most plus size women is the diamond shape. Women with diamonds shaped frames have slim claves, voluptuous thighs and hips, and slender shoulders. The best feature of most diamond shapes women is the bust area, and accentuating it is important for drawing attention from the hips. Deep necklines always look gorgeous on diamond shapes, and adding a statement necklace or choker is always a good trick to draw attention to the upper part of the body.

Apple shaped frames have a less defined waist and fuller busts, and balcony or push-up bras always help accentuates this feature. Stick to dresses that are tighter and more enhanced on the top and glide or fall through in the bottom.

Best Plus Size Fashion Tips

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