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There are many blogs on woman say beauty, health, fashion, cosmetics, skin care etc. All these blogs are easy to find and contains content for a slimmer women. But there are plenty of blogs for plus size women who can get guidance through it regarding all fashion and beauty. These bloggers inspires plus size women by advising them for positive body image and self-confidence.

1. Weesha’s World

This blog talks about plus size fashion, beauty and anything that inspires. The blogger Weesha’s says her weight doesn’t matter for her, she just want to stay stylish and trendy. Her website is
I Am Weesha

2. Pretty plus Pep

This fashion obsessed blogger shares from pretty dresses to lash defining mascara. Her opinion about plus size women is no matter what your weight or age is every women has right to look beautiful and feel good. She post one post per month. Website –
Pretty Plus Pep

3. Chloe Incurve | A plus size fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog

This blogger from England advices to experiments with clothes without hesitating of body size. She is having 2,209 Facebook fans, 6,386 twitter followers. As per her view all women should enjoy fashion because it is not size dependent. Website –
Chloe Incurve

4. Trendy curves by Bella Style

Bella style blog guides regarding fashion and wardrobe etiquettes. Her style journal keeps you updated with plus size fashion trends and Runway Shows. She updates 3 posts per month. Website –
Trendy Curves By Bella Style

5. Tanesha Awasthia

Tanesha Awasthia owns a blog, GIRLS WITH CURVES and having fan following of 238K. This blogger gives tips on plus size trends, travel and beauty content. Tanesha posts from motherhood to swimwear and all other things related to ladies. You can follow her on @GirlWithCurves.
Tanesha Awasthia

6. Amara chi Ukachu

This blog helps women to explore new looks by providing information about new brands and advices for personal and professional styles. Amara chi Ukachu is from Washington DC and motivates ladies for wearing clothes they like and feel better. Website –
Amara Chi Ukachu

7. Chanel Ambrose

This blog particularly talks about plus size fashion. Moreover it talks about travel, lifestyle, and beauty and motivates for a good clothing. Chanel Ambrose is from London and updates 1 post per month. Website –
Chanel Ambrose

8. The Curvy cutie | Blog

This plus size blog in forms about plus size outfits, product reviews, healthy lifestyle, food and fitness of every day. The blogger aims to inspire all sizes thorough healthy and stylish living. Website –
The Curvy Cutie

9. Plus size princess

This, the Nigerian blogger born in California and lives in NYC guides you for plus size fashion, beauty and fitness. Posts 3 post per month and having 37,996 followers in Facebook and 18,104 followers on twitter. Website –
Plus Size Princess

10. Confidently Ashlee

A plus size model runs the blog guiding about body positive and plus size fashion trends. Updates 2 posts per month. Website –
Confidently Ashlee

11. Just Biffi

Biffi believes in confidently accepting plus size body and showcase style of plus size. She is from Toronto and says size doesn’t matter just wear what suits you well. Website –
Just Biffi

12. The not so secret diary of a Wannabe Princess

The name of blogger is Debz and she lives in small town of Birmingham, England. Debz emphasis on body positive and love yourself what you are. Her blog gives you fashion options for plus size fashion. Website –

13. Girl with curves

This blog empowers women to dress what they like to wear. It has 400,114 Facebook followers and 18,168 twitter followers. This blog started as a personal style blog and now evolved as style advice for plus size, lifestyle and health tips. Website –
Girl With Curves

14. Reddit – fashion for plus size woman

The blog, reddit discusses about plus size clothes and shares discussions with individuals. Frequency of posting is 5 posts per week. Website –

15. She might be loved

The blogger Georgiana runs a blog SHE MIGHT BE LOVED. The U.K. based blog figure outs need of plus size women and guides for fashion beauty and lifestyle. Website –
She Might Be Loved

16. Danielle Vanier

Thirty year oil Danielle Vanier from London tries to inspire plus size women by showcasing personal style, plus size accessories and make up. She talks about confidence for dressing, no matter what size you are enjoy all type of clothing. Website –
Danielle Vanier

17. In My Joi

Joi Smith is a curvy blogger and shares vintage clothing, hats and colors for plus size women. The blogger is from Los Angeles and tells that style is an expression where you can say a lot without speaking a word. Be what you are. Website –
In My Joi

18. Nerd about town

Nerd About Town talks about beauty, skin care, body confidence, mental health and a lot of love for yourself. The blogger Stephanie is from London and has 15,390 twitter followers. Website –
Nerd About Town

19. Glitter and Lazer’s | Plus Size Fashion Blog

This blog sheds light on plus size fashion, plus size fitness, travel and plus size life. Website – glitterand
Glitter and Lazers

20. Curves to kill

An Australian blog for plus size fashion girls around the world. Talks about product review, styling advice, fashion and lot. Website –

Enjoy these blogs for curvy fashion and beauty. Leave a comment and reply.

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