Plus Size fashion Industry – Beginning of a New Era

The fashion Industry has always been very obsessed with thin models. They have been very particular about their zero size models and that is what we have been witnessing for all these years. However, if we recall the last decade it has kind of gone under what I would call a revolution. If we look at the world, we would find out that more than half of the women don’t have the kind of figure we actually see on the ramps. Today people want to see things that are more realistic. Things we can relate to. Hence the idea of #PlusSizeModels came into being. Today, finally the industry has accepted #PlusSizeModels and #PlusSizeFashionIndustry is reaching new heights of success.

Reasons why the Industry has welcomed Plus Size Models

The Plus Size Fashion IndustryBefore we talk about the present, we need to look back. There was a time when the #FashionIndustry had models who were almost zero sized and that used to be the trend. As years passed by, and girls made these models their icons, we could see every teenager trying too hard to lose weight, even if that meant following the wrong diet, which ultimately lead to bad consequences. With the passing time and changing mentality, today we know that being skinny is not the way to look good. Even companies have realized that it is high time that they need some new change in the fashion industry.

Hence, they welcomed #PlusSizeModels with open arms and these women received some respect after over a millennium. Today, most of the top brands endorse the best looking attires through #PlusSizeModels. The misconception that you can only be a model if you are thin has fallen on its face. We see models with voluptuous and voluminous figures walking the ramps as confidently as ever.

Today, nobody is afraid of body shaming and happily wear clothes that they like. If you go to a shopping mall today, you will find clothes of larger sizes. This benefits the companies as the range of buyers have increased and the customers go home happy.

Though the industry doesn’t really care about what is good or bad and they are happy to make profits, #PlusSizeFashionIndustry has brought along with it a tremendous change that is not only good professionally but also for the society as a whole.

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