Plus Size Fashion Designers – The People Who Make It All Happen

Though the previous year might not have been great on the personal front for many, it was the year when designers finally woke up to the opportunities left unexplored in Plus Size Fashion. Thankfully, you don’t have to choose between childish over the top dresses or understated matronly gowns when you go shopping because the Plus Size Fashion Designers have got you covered with numerous stylish outfits.

Thinking of revamping your wardrobe with new age Plus Size Clothing from talented designers? Here are the designers and brands you should keep an eye out for!

best plus size fashion designers

1. Copper Union

Claire Doody’s Portland based fashion brand was founded on the belief that women are as diverse in their sizes as they are in their personalities. Copper Union is filled to the brim with clothes of sizes from 12 to 30, separates in pop hues you can wear to a business meeting or even to a romantic date.

fashion designers for plus size clothes

2. Jibri

We had been praying for Plus Size Fashion Brand which came up with dresses which break the mould and finally Jibri delivered! Jasmine Elder’s brand ensures that the bold sequined prints and exaggerated silhouettes on their dresses make you the showstopper at any given event.

3. Hackwith Design House

If you identify with the girl next door, awkward chic style, you must check out Lisa Hackwith’s label Hackwith Design House for inspiration. Her minimalist and (somewhat) architectural style of clothing line gives your body the room to breathe free while hugging your curves in all the right places.

plus size designer summer dress

4. Zelie For She

Elann Zelie’s Plus Size Fashion line Essence of Heritage which contains sizes from 14 to 24 presents something new for you to try out every season. Earlier it was t- shirt dresses which were recently supplanted by mixed prints and sheer fabric. The ideal brand for those of you who love to mix and match!

plus size high end fashion designers

5. Harlow

The land Down Under might have been the last to pick up on the Plus Size Fashion trend but once they did, Australia revolutionized the field as evident from the brand Harlow which manufactures classy outfits with a touch of modernity in them.

6. Universal Standard

This brand caters to those voluptuous women who are all about urban minimalism when it comes to their fashion. Based in New York City and having sizes from 10 to 28, you will find outfits which would add a certain edge to your look, be it leather tops, slouchy jeans, sweatshirts embellished with zippers or layered dresses.

Once you start going through the creations of plus size fashion designers, you would be amazed by everything you had been missing out on!