Swimsuits and Their Importance for Plus Size Women

The long-standing fashion of models in a swimsuit, endorsing brands of swimwear is something that will never go out of fashion. It is one of the most sought after things in the fashion world, a swimsuit and a model who can pull it of in an amazing way. Featuring on magazines with a swimsuit on is a way for a model to know that they have made it big in the industry after facing cut-throat competition from a huge number of competitors.

Over the years, the trend or thought process followed by designers and swimwear brands is to immediately go for slim models. It has been proclaimed that a thin model draped in a swimsuit is the biggest glory of the fashion industry. Well, that is not the case anymore.

Perfect Swimsuit For The Plus Size Ladies

Plus size models are backing up their an entry in the fashion world by going a step further and modeling in swimsuits themselves. Swimsuits for plus size women were taken seriously after renowned plus size model graced and sizzled on the front cover of the Sports Illustrated magazine.

Every major swimwear brand now has its own line of swimwear for plus size women. In the end, the choice is left to these women to select the type of swimwear they want to flaunt their curves in. A long way ahead from the times when there were only one or two types of swimwear available for this category of people.

So, with the change in the game and a variety of options to look at while choosing, what are the factors women need to remember before buying their plus size swimwear.

The Guideline To Buying The Perfect Swimsuit For The Plus Size Ladies

Shopping for swimsuits is never easy, especially for the plus size woman. Owing to their healthier size, they have to take a lot of factors into consideration before buying the best suitable swimsuit for their bodies. Some of the factors and guidelines that could help a plus size woman looking to buy a swimsuit have been discussed here in this article.

How Good Is The Support

First of all, one most important factor to take into consideration when selecting a bathing suit, a plus size woman should look for the type of support that is built into the suit. A suit that has a built-in bra offers much more support than one with a shelf bra, and the best suits are those that are sized to standard bra measurements.

Perfect Swimwear For The Plus Size Ladies

Many stores and boutiques offer bathing suits in larger sizes that offer the type of support necessary. Their swimsuit can be constructed of two layers with outer and inner layers, or some suits also come with an underwired bra for better support.

Being Open-Minded

Get something that you’re comfortable with. A lot of the top plus size models give this particular tip to their followers. There is no need to have a traditional approach when buying a swimsuit. For example, if you want something with more coverage around the hips, you ought to lean towards a swimsuit that has a decent covering but not completely covered waist portion. It will turn out to be useful when you want to feel a little sexier.

Self Confidence And Comfort Are Key

Some curvy women love to wear two-pieces suits, especially the bikini styles, while others feel more flattering in a one-piece suit. As for the two-piece styles, the tankini instead of a bikini can also be an option for curvy women in that the bottoms and tops can be purchased as separate so that you can mix and match between several different sets for more variety.

Moreover, comparing to one-piece suits, although tankini top offers a little less support than a one-piece, the benefit is that there is more freedom of movement. Look for tank top styles with full coverage and study straps. But, then again, it really depends on your personal preference when deciding to choose a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit.

Swimsuit For The Plus Size Ladies

Remembering Your Body Shape

The first and the most obvious thing to remember when it comes to choosing your swimwear is your body shape. It has become a sort of a fundamental rule to choose attire that fits you well and brings out your curves in the right manner. Body shapes like that of an apple would require swimwear that brings out both the upper and lower body curves.

However, if the body is shaped like a pear, one would be better off choosing silhouettes that bring the upper body curves in the forefront while hiding the hips a little. In the end, it is all about choosing the swimsuit that brings out the best parts of your bodacious size and makes you want to flaunt them more and more.

Try Everything That You Like

There is no need to be quick when deciding which swimsuit to buy. As a customer, you are fully in your right to try as many different pieces of the swimsuit as you want. You need not be shy and cave into the suggestions of the people helping you and decide quickly. You are fully required to take as much time as you want when deciding on which swimsuit to buy.

Give Online Shopping A Try

Yes, this isn’t the best thing to do when buying a swimsuit. However, this really is a myth. In today’s era when there is a boom in the online selling market, a lot of different styles, colors, and types of swimsuits are easily available online. All you have to do is look carefully and with attention and you might get what you are actually looking for quite easily.

The Guideline To Buying The Perfect Swimsuit For The Plus Size Ladies

Buying online also allows you the chance to try the swimsuit at home, in a comfortable environment in case you are shy. The only thing you ought to remember is the fact that all the websites have return policies. Should the swimsuit you bought not fit properly, you always have the option of returning it and getting your refund.

Different Body Types And The Swimsuits That Suit Them

Rectangle Shaped Bodies

Women with this shape have straight proportions, equal from shoulders to hips, thus you’ll want to choose swimwear that creates a waistline. Belted waist swimwear is great for doing this, as style with diagonal stripes.

Halters do a nice job of drawing attention to nice shoulders, and plunging necklines do a nice job of drawing attention to an attractive bust line. Your best styles are pieces that create waist (if you want to), blouson, V-necks, or styles with diagonal or optical illusion prints.

Pear-Shaped Bodies

If you are plus size with a pear-shaped body, small shoulder and bust, and larger legs, hips, thighs, or bottoms, swimwear styles that draw the eyes upward are an ideal choice. Highlight your upper body by wearing pieces with bright colors and designs at the top, and balance the proposition by choosing dark, solid colors at the bottom.

Also, choose swimwear with tops that accentuate features you like, such as halter tops, which draw attention to nice shoulders. Your Best styles are skirtinis, tankini sets, or one-pieces with brightly colored tops.

The Guideline To Buying The Perfect Swimwear For The Plus Size Ladies

Round Shaped Bodies

Women with this shape generally have full shoulders and hips, and around the waist. If you’re really concerned about having a slender effect created by the suit, your objective is to find pieces that enhance a slimmer effect at the waist. Opt for shirred or surplice styles with bold patterns and colors on the top, and dark, solid colors on the bottom.

Halters with plunging necklines are especially flattering, as style with a belt or other cute design features. While vertical prints also work for creating a leaner silhouette, baby-doll and blouson styles also flatter women with tummy issues. Your best styles are blouson, baby-doll swimsuit, or pieces that are waist-slimming such as those with optical illusion prints.

Hourglass Shaped Bodies

Women with hourglass-shaped bodies having features like larger chests and hips, but with a small waist are always considered the lucky ones. An hourglass figure is well proportioned on top and bottom. However, if you are plus size and have some problem areas, choose swimwear that accentuates your best features while at the same time hiding your problem areas.

For example, if you have a slim waist, enhance this area. Choose swimwear that emphasizes the waist by drawing attention to it with belts, colors, and prints. Your best styles are basically every style of plus size swimsuits, especially those that draw attention to the waist.

The Perfect Swimsuit For The Plus Size Ladies

The trend of hot swimwear is no more confined to the archetypal models. Instead, it has become bigger and broader ever since plus size models took it in their own hands to design swimwear that they looked the best in.

A trend never goes out of style, and plus size models in swimsuits is one that will for sure not fade away in the coming years. Ladies, always remember that in the end you are the queen and you get to choose what suits you best.

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