Plus Size Outfits For First Date

The first dates are truly special. It doesn’t really matter if it is a first date for the first time with the first person you ever dated or the first date with the person you eventually settled down with. A first date always tends to bring out the same color in you. A surge of mixed feelings that include emotions ranging from nervous excitement to a really really happy feeling (because you have wanted to go out on a date with that person for quite some time).

If you are like most of the people out there, you will also be taken over by a little bit of worry a few days prior to your date. The worry that you will be engulfed in will most certainly be related to one very important thing, your date outfit. Date outfits are given extreme thought, especially the first one.

There are a lot of ideas at the top of your mind and then as the date comes near you manage to screen out some of the options you have in mind based on a variety of things, right from the place you are going to for the date to the weather and to the time of the day you will be meeting. The thing is there is no one attire that is the perfect dress for a date.

Plus Size Casual Date Outfit

And, if there is not one perfect date attire, it means one thing and one thing only, lots of options. Options for a first date means confusion and confusion adds to the nervousness already creeping in. Well, you don’t need to worry about that after all because we have got some of the most wonderful attire options in store for you. Let’s get started then.

Denim Pants And A Blazer

Yes, starting off our list with the chicest and classy date attire, denim pants and a blazer is an ideal outfit for all types of dates. An evergreen attire that will never go out of style, the pairing of denim pants and a blazer is one that shows that you have arrived to the date full of confidence and exuberance. It also suggests that you are looking for a fun time and are ready to indulge in a good conversation over the span of your date.

Ideally, with denim pants, you should opt for a solid colored t-shirt that would go well with a blazer that is also of a solid color or striped. The latest trends can also be inculcated to this look which includes a little pair of distressed jeans and a shiny blazer but not too shiny.

Leather Pencil Skirts And A Shirt Or Top

Pencil skirts for plus size ladies have become equivalent to a black t-shirt for an introvert out at a party. It is the ideal piece of clothing for a plus size lady and then if it is ideal why shouldn’t it be your ideal outfit for a first date. Leather pencil skirts are in and can be worn in any season, all you have to remember is what to pair with it. Brown leather skirts are really good for dates and a black full sleeves top to go along with some stylish high heels of the same color and you are for sure going to look drop-dead gorgeous.


We know what you are thinking, sequins for a plus size woman is not the best option. Well, this is a myth and it needs to be broken. If you have a curvy figure, there is no need whatsoever to be afraid of wearing a sequin to your first date. The texture and fabric variation with sexy neckline gives the outfit a huge wow.

Red lipstick color can take this outfit to the direction of a memorable date. When you wear a sequin it shows two things or rather lets the person know two things about you. The first and foremost thing it shows is that you ooze a lot of confidence and the second thing it shows is that you do not mind stepping out of your comfort zone and accepting new things.

Plus Size Date Outfit

Chic Florals

Floral skirts have a huge girl next door vibe to them. They are also a very fresh looking attire that gives you a very glowing look, which is basically how you wish to look on your date, first date at that matter for sure. This V back, defined waist and the floral print combo make for a good statement. Add blue heels and a simple black clutch and you’re good to go.

There are a lot of statement colors available in floral prints, you need to know which of them looks the best on you and wear that color to the date. A sling instead of a clutch also becomes a good accessory to a floral dress.

Having discussed some of the different, elegant and stylish dressing choices that you can wear on your first date, it is time to track back a little to how the occasion or type of date can affect your dressing choices. A first date is not necessarily one which will take place in a restaurant, there are various other places where your first date can take place. Here’s an ideal choice of dressing for those various places where you can find yourself on a first date.

Drinks And Dancing

This classic date combo calls for wearing something a little bit formal, ready for the night hours. If you’re feeling glamorous, a little black dress, in a cut that suits your body type, is a fail-safe way to look both attractive and elegant. Plus size women will actually, more often than not, look better when wearing a dress that fits snugly to their curves as opposed to concealing them in a billowy, shapeless number.

If in doubt, a wrap dress is a very forgiving shape to women of most shapes and sizes and has the added bonus of being very feminine as well as comfortable – if made in good quality jersey material. Wear a pair of shoes that you feel most at ease in but also keep you looking smart. A pair of shoe boots are very trendy at the moment and are easier to walk in than most high heels. And remember, if in doubt, just add a leather biker jacket for an instant hit of cool street style to keep your outfit relevant.

Date At The Movies

Going to a movie is a great date. It calls for a plus size casual date outfit that is effortless and chic, yet sexy. Plus, given that much of the evening will be spent sitting down, you can get away with wearing some heels a bit more easily than a date that involves a great deal of walking. Black jeans are a great start to any outfit -, especially for dates. They’re relaxed whilst being dressier than their better known blue counterparts.

Plus Size First Date Outfit

Black jeans made with lycra are even better as they are incredibly comfortable, yet look stylish. They will also pair with a plethora of plus size tops and blouses. For bottom heavy girls, it is a good idea to draw attention to your top half with a brighter color or perhaps a pattern, which will immediately match with black jeans.

The Restaurant Date

Meeting up at a restaurant will probably be a more formal affair during the dating stage of a relationship. But you don’t want to look stuffy. A great midway point, and general good first date tip is to wear a pretty plus size date night dress with a leather biker jacket thrown over your shoulders. Leather biker jackets are the perfect way to dress down what might otherwise be a very sophisticated look, without looking messy.

In terms of the dress that should be worn, it’s key to pick a style suitable for your figure’s shape. Rectangular-shaped bodies that have no waist can create a feminine silhouette with a wrap dress, whereas apple-shaped ladies will love an empire line dress that nips in under the bust and skims over any bumps.

A Sports Game

For what can be one of the most relaxed dates out there, it pays to be relaxed in your outfit too. No one else will be dressed up to watch a baseball game, so you’ll feel self-conscious if you turn up wearing something more suitable for going out dancing. Plus, if life gives you an opportunity to wear sneakers all day, it’s silly not to. If you need some height, look to a chunky pair of boots with a stacked heel.

These often look really stylish if paired with a form-fitting pair of trousers that either finish above the ankle, or are rolled up a couple of times. Again, jeans are always an option, especially if they include lycra to keep you even more comfortable throughout the day. Depending on the weather, try to wear some layers to ensure that you can layer up if you get cold, or take a couple of layers off when it gets warm.

Plus Size First Date Outfits

Get hyped for your first date, get in the groove and have a smashing time on your first date.

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