Stylish Plus Size Beach Dresses For Women – Must Try

The fashion industry has been stagnant for a long time. It has been biased towards petite figures and lean structures, something that is reflected on the covers of fashion magazines, the runaway and the mannequins that adorn clothes in the stores.

It has always left very little room for real women that flaunt curves and have a healthier build than supermodels. This is the reason why there has always been a low representation of plus size women in the industry for a long time.

With the recent changes that have been brought about by online campaigns and the rise in a culture that shuns body shaming, we have seen several plus-sized models finally donning the cover of named magazines. In the same way, a lot of brands are now focusing on catering to the needs of plus size women instead of excluding them.

Plus Size Beach Dresses For Women

The beach is a fun place to hang out with whether it is a small picnic with your family or a long vacation with your friends. It might seem like there are limited options for beach dresses for plus size women, we’re here to tell you that’s not true.

Here is a list of plus size beach dresses that will make you feel comfortable and confident

A slip dress

A slip dress would make for a great summer dress that can be worn as a cover-up when on the beach. You can opt for brightly coloured lip dresses to get into that vacation mode. They are light, easy to manage and can be worn all through the day and into the night.

They bring out the best in curvy women and accentuate all the parts that make you beautiful. They are easily available in stores like Macy’s and torrid and make for beautiful plus size beach dresses for women.

A colourful maxi

If you are attending a beach wedding or having a romantic picnic by the shore, you want to make sure you look elegant as well as carry an element of fun through your dresses. These are the situations where a colourful maxi would come in handy. You can opt for large floral prints or a solid coloured maxi to get your beach plans going. Pair it up with a nice straw hat and you’re ready to draw some attention even in a crowd.

Plus Size Beach Dresses

Striped A-line Dresses

Vertical stripes are always flattering, and a cheery yellow or pink dress practically screams summer. You can pair with a pair of flip flops and colourful shades to own the look and make sure you turn heads wherever you go.

A light coloured jacket would be great if you’re looking to sit by a bonfire in the night and enjoying your long holiday on the beach. These also make for good summer dresses, so they are a great investment overall.


A printed romper is the best way to go if you want a fun cover-up for your swimsuit. They are comfortable and the best way to lounge on a beach chair would be to rock a pair of greek sandals with a nice lightly coloured romper with a small detailed print. This makes the best way to spend your time on the beach, whether you choose to laze around or do cartwheels in the sand, rompers have you covered. This is why they are better than most plus size beach dresses.

A-line Mini Dress

A great way to add some glam to your beach look is to use a solid coloured a-line mini dress as a cover-up. This makes you look more dressed up and yet makes it feel like you are right in time for a little game of beach volleyball. They are comfortable to carry and easily available in many stores such as Forever 21 and Jay Miranda.

Stylish Plus Size Beach Dresses For Women

These are great plus size beach dresses for all occasions. Depending on how they are accessorised, they can be used to cover up after ou surf or worn to a beach party.

Straight Dress and Kimono

If you wish to dress it up a little and stand out, you should opt for multiple layers in your beachwear. A long kimono screams summer and pair it up with a loose-fitting straight dress, you have a perfect outfit for a fun outing at the beach.

Kimonos do look great when they have a bohemian print on them or are teamed with a dress that does. These paired with a straw hat and a nice pair of earrings or even studs make for a great ensemble to wear on the beach.

Sunflower Print Dress

You’ll look cute for the beach or casual days in town when you wear a sweet summer dress in a playful sunflower print. Try looking for dresses that have sunflowers or other such floral prints that give it the summer vibes. You can pair them up with flat sandals and a necklace to add an oomph factor to your whole outfit.

Self-tie dresses

Possibly the chicest and the most convenient way to cover-up when you’re at the beach. They can be worn over your swimwear and taken off any time you please. So, go dive into the sea without having to worry about finding clean changing rooms and worrying about the perfect fit.

Stylish Plus Size Beach Dresses

These can be bought in several colours and can be found with numerous prints on them. You can pair them up with large hoop earrings or a necklace to complete the look.

With these brilliant ideas, it is easy for one to pick an outfit (or many outfits) to wear to the beach on a bright and sunny day. Make sure you pair them up with the right footwear and accessories to complete your look. You can never go wrong with these ideas for plus size beach dresses.

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