Modern Day Bikini – A Product Of A Series Of Evolution

Seaside amusement became a common thing in the early 1800’s and more and more people began to flock to the beaches during summer. The improvements made in the railroad network made it easier to visit ocean side beaches, and within a few years it became a hotspot for sunny recreations. With the introduction of this new outdoor pastime, a need arose for the privileged lady of fashion for stylish garments. During the 18th century most people considered swimming as an activity of doubtful morality for women. However, several women did enjoy this leisure activity, and preferred to spend their day hours on the sunny sandy beaches.

A #Bikini or burkini is somewhat of a modern concept, and far different from the 18th century when it had first arrived. Plus Size Extreme BikiniWomen back then were not allowed to bathe in the water wearing clothes which were uncovered. The 18th century #BathingCostumes were designed to keep the skin untouched by the sun, and white. Moreover, women during this era were also not allowed to bathe openly with the men. They would often swim in cabanas, bathing machines which kept them separated from rest of the crowd. Their costumes also included gloves, and shawls and extra weight was added to the hem of the gown to prevent from floating up and showing their legs.

The #Swimsuit design evolved in the mid 19th century, though like the previous suits the new ones covered most of the female figure. The long gowns were now altered with paletot dresses and Turkish pants created with heavy flannel fabric. The Bathing Machine was still popular and helped modest Victorian women to maintain their privacy while enjoying at the beach. There was a major transition in #BeachwearFashion during the late 19th century when women started wearing knee length dresses. Puffed sleeved wool dresses were worn over drawers and the look was accessorized with bows, ribbons and sailor collars.

It was not until 1915 when women started taking part in swimming as a sport, there was a disappearance of heavy fabric for creating #BathingSuits. 1920 saw the arrival of the first one piece swimwear, which were covered shorts and began to show more flesh.

Vintage #BathingSuits in 20th century were available in a variety of colors and designs and women now wore them without any hassle. The bathing suits that we are familiar with were not created before the mid 20th century. Since then, Swimsuits and bikinis have kept on evolving and a plethora of different styles and cuts are available today.

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