Know Your Body Shapes And Clothes That Look Good On It

All of us try to shop those clothes that look good on us. We all wonder how some clothes look great on others but it doesn’t look that good when you try out the same outfit. it might be due to the body shape. Every woman is unique in her own way and has her own body shape. Knowing correct body shape is very helpful when it comes to choosing clothes that look attractive on you. There are many types of body shapes that are possessed by plus size women across the globe and each one is specific in what looks great on them. Today we have a list of body shapes that will help you decide which one is yours and decide what to wear according to your body shape.


You know you have a straight body shape when you have the same measurements for all the sections of your body parts. What Is My Plus Size Body ShapeIt is also known worldwide as the Supermodel body, rectangular or ruler body. It does not have a defining waist and the body looks straight. If you have this type of the body tube tops and dresses with belts will highlight your figure perfectly. You can also experiment with bright colors and cuts. You must avoid wearing rigid clothes or shapeless clothes that do not adopt the body shape.


If you have large hips and tiny bust then you have a pear shaped body. It is also known as the triangle shape. You have broad hips and you can show off your curves perfectly if you dress well. Wearing bright scoop or boat necks will make your shoulder look broader and will balance well with your broad hips. Gorgeous bracelets and long necklaces will make you look even better when paired properly with bright patterns and colors. Avoid wearing balloon dresses and tight skirts or cigarette pants.


Having a larger bust and relatively small hips, undefined waist and slimmer limbs will make your figure apple shaped. It is also known as inverted triangle. You can wear soft textured fabrics, a line dresses, waist bands, cuffed sleeves, v necks, scooped tops and t shirts to give your body more definition. Flowy dresses and long necklaces. Dark colours and shaded clothes look great on you. Waistcoats and blazers with boot cut or flared bottoms would do great at making you look well balanced. Avoid clothes that are too tight or rough, boat or round necks jeggings and boots and broad belts.


It is a nice body shape that resembles the number 8. You have wider hips than bust and gain weight quickly at the area of your stomach. Choose clothes with light colors. Strapless, boat necks, short skirts, tops with embellishments and patters. A line skirts and trousers, chunky earrings and necklaces, jackets and tops that fit well around your waist are perfect for you. Round necks, frills and tapered pants are a big no and might make you look unbalanced.


You have well balanced bust and hips. You have a proportional body with rounded and well aligned shoulders. Your legs are in perfect proportion with your upper body. All you need is proper style to accentuate your figure. Show off your waist and curves. Wear broad belts, wrap around tops and skirts, flowing dresses, fitting tops and jackets, pencil skirts with slits or pleats, jeggings, boots, strappy sandals, heels and long necklaces. All this is perfect for your body shape. However most of the things suit you, you need to stay away from loos and shapeless clothes and tops that might hide your best features.


If you have an oval body shape, your bust will be larger than your hips. You have a fuller mid-section and you tend to gain weight there more quickly than any other part of your body. The waist is not very well defined and ends up being the widest section of the body. You have slender legs which is the best asset of your body. Square, v neck and u neck tops are best for you. Also wear wrap around tops, jackets and belts, wide collars and fish cut or flared hems to attractively flaunt your body shape. Dresses that end just above your knee and show your beautiful legs will make you look proportional. High heels with long and rounded earrings are great for an outfit. Avoid wearing loose, tapered, pleated and baggy clothes, chunky styles and turtlenecks and you are all set to go.


If you have a diamond shaped body your hips are going to be broad and your bust is going to be narrow. You don’t have a well-defined waist. You have well shaped arms and legs.

The key to best dressing is to maintain a good balance between your hips and your bust. You can go for pants and skirts that make you look slimmer, curvy clothes, wear belted tops and dresses, fluttered sleeves, boot cut as well as straight cuts look great on you. Style yourself with jackets and cardigans. Avoid pencil skirts and tapered trousers, fancy tops and thick scarves.

These are the major body shapes and you can style yourself in a perfect way after knowing your body shape. It is important to know the right body shape and style accordingly for a striking and attractive first look for your party and office.

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