In The World Filled With Body Shaming Outfits, Here Are Few Tips For Plus Size Fashion!

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You see a nicely stiched black sheath dress hanging right there, in front of your eyes. You shuffle through the hangers to find your size, you find it, you try it, you keep it back. You walk towards the “all” company section, and there’s a mirror in your way through, you look at yourself, and see what? You imagine yourself in the black sheath dress, only if the arms and legs were a little toned, waist a little 26 and rear a more shaped, and snap! You are doomed.

Pause. Look around, how about adding just a little more sticked fabric here and there. You see a white knee length shrug? Put it in the cart. Or may be a yellow or a pink. Plain with laces in the end, or maybe 2-3 large roses, canvassed over the back.Plus Size Fashion Tips 2018

Roam a little more, you might find belts calling you from the side counter. Look for a slash one. Or maybe a leather. Match it with your vibes but also with the color of your shurg.

Now that you have your arms covered and the waist decorated, and still have the black sheath on, how different would you feel? A little perhaps.

But that’s how you can make it. Curves are beautiful, real, I would rather say. You just need a little more credits in your card, that’s it. Be it a blue boyfriend jeans for a casual shopping day or white bootcut for your meetings at 12, you can wear it all with just a little more here and there addition from your wardrobe.

Do you have a elbow length puffed sleeve, any colour? Add it with your blue boyfriend jeans. A little more than casual. Accessorize with bright shades and add a kitten heel, just for some more fashionable vibes. And there you are, all preped for your cafe day or just mere outing.

Not every one of us is a Fashionista, knowing all the best combinations for your outfits, colours to accessorize and what and when to wear the long plazzo you bought about 2 months before. But we can try?

Black goes the best when you have a little more curvs than the ramp ladies. Maybe your wardrobe would be filled with shades of night, but black is the queen! You could also go with some darker shades, may be a little deep blue or a olive green. Shades like them, fit just the same on you.

Now let us go to a different kind of appreals. Add a few collared dresses, linen or floral. Try to keep it long, it suits.

Buy few long sleeves, elbow length at least, Butterfly and Angel would be better. Avoid fittings, slim and narrow cut stuff. Keep it light, a little open from the sides.

Finding the perfect outfit according to your size is more like dating. You might like what you see, swipe right to almost 10 of them, everybody might be a crush, but only a few would make you feel right, light and not so tight. I use metaphors, you can use trial rooms.

Also, though a little off-track, a good haircut would also help to enhance what they see in you and what you see in you! Fashion is not just about clothing. It is a subject, you have different units.

Now let us talk something about traditional wear. You can’t fix it with a shrug or belt, but how about colors? Avoid a ‘V’ neck salwaar and sleeves without any pattern. Boring. Cotton fabric would be a better choice over any other material and printed designs would work heavens.

The curx of any eye pleasing fashion, for any size, lies behind just these 3 things- Colors, Sleeves and Length. You play with them, and they would adjust to your style.

Countdown to Summer

Plus size fashion is yet an upcoming trend, and it would take a lot of tik-tocs to come up as a real fashion. But better late than never!

So this time, instead of changing your closet, add your fashion in it.

Countdown to Summer
Best Fashion Tips For Plus Size

Countdown to Summer

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