How To Get A Sexy Figure Like Actress

Whenever we see any actress or model a smile comes on our face and we just keep wondering how she manages such slim and trim figure. You or even me we wonder if I could have such figure. For plus size woman it seems difficult to them. But you don’t need to sit aside just by thinking so. Whether you are plus size or not you can also get such figure with the help of regular life style. It is not that hard just you have to be careful in your diet and disciplined in your exercise schedule.

The main difficult part of getting such sexy figure is fat around your waist area. It is bit troublesome but not impossible as one have to exercise very hard to get rid of fatty stomach and bulky waist. Here we are going to shed light on points which are considerable for plus size as well as below plus size.

Sonam Kapoor

From bollywood actress we would like to talk about Sonam Kapoor. She is the most talented and fearless girl who can easily convey her views about any phenomenal. But do you know she was also the one suffering from plus size figure? She was fond of chocolates and French fries.

But she is the living example in front of you. She has reduced much weight with the help of proper diet and regular exercise. She has controlled her taste and succeeded to get slim trim figure.

In the words of Sonam, she says she takes least sugar and salt both of which are a big enemies of human body.

Sonam said goodbye to fried and sweet items. Her day starts with one glass of warm water that helps in detoxify body. Then after she drinks coconut water in the interval of 2 hours to satisfy her thirst.

Sonam never skip her exercise. At first she does cardio. Some people have confusion about cardio exercise. Cardiovascular system of our body includes heart and blood vessels that are connected to heart. Regular cardio exercise keeps your heart and blood vessels healthy.

Dance is also the best exercise to reduce weight and get perfect shape. Sonam kapoor does dance twice in a week, power yoga and plays squash.

She strictly follows her diet chart. In morning breakfast she haves omelette toast, seasonal fruits and warm water. Her lunch includes sabji, chapatti, curd and fruit. And dinner is finished including vegetable sandwich, salad.

Best Plus Size Actress

This was about Sonam Kapoor. If you have read carefully you may have noticed her diet and exercise routine is not hard to follow. In fact it is totally healthy and safe. Now let us take a look on another actress Piggy Chops, yes you guess right Priyanka Chopara.

Priyanka Chopara

Priyanka is a well known name internationally. She has earned big fame and name not only in India but in whole world. She is capable actress and an owner of sexy figure for which any one can envy.

About her body Priyanka says if you will take proper and regular diet not only you will get figure like me but also get peace and happiness of mind that both are necessary for healthy life.

Piggy chops further says, she is crazy for food. She cannot stay hungry for long time. But what she does she eats in one limit.

Priyanka used to eat baked items instead of fried food. She eats food which is rich in fibre as fibre keeps tummy full for long time. She takes sprouts and other fibre rich food products.

Her lunch includes soup, salads, lentils, fruits, chapatti and sabji. Piggy chops changes types of exercises to avoid monotony, but never skip workout.

Aishwarya Rai Bacchan

Who don’t know the world famous beauty Mrs. Aishwarya Rai bacchan? She is the most beautiful woman on the earth. She is a successful actress, wife and mother.

Plus Size Actresses

Aishwarya had gained lot of weight during her pregnancy but look now no one can assume she was that fat before some time. All happened due her regular and disciplined routine.

Ash ate boiled vegetables, fresh fruits, green leafs to reduced weight. She further used to eat brown rice instead of white as brown rice is more nutritious and controls appetite.

Aishwarya makes sure her food includes proper amount of protein and drinks plenty of water. Ash does not prefer much work out but prefers yoga. Yoga keeps your skin healthy and gives peace of mind. It improves metabolism and helps in reducing weight.

For common and plus size girls and women who wish to get slim figure experts suggests following tips.

Start your day with warm water by adding ginger and lemon in it. Or you can have plain warm water that helps in detoxification of body.

Then have vegetable oats or upma in breakfast. You can also have methi paratha with skimmed milk. Or else have any fruit.

In lunch you may have a bowl of salad, sabji, chapatti, lentils, rice and buttermilk. Try to make all in least oil to avoid extra fat.

In evening have a cup of green tea and two biscuits.

In dinner you can have a bowl of soup you like, sprouts, hotch-potch, salad or anything light which is easy to digest.

With all this diet also don’t forget work out. It not only reduces weight but also brings glow on your face.

Last but not the least keep you mind happy and peaceful to live a long healthy life.

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