How To Choose The Perfect Swimwear If You Are Plus Size?

Choosing a swimwear can be a daunting task for ladies of all sizes especially so if you are on the curvier side of the spectrum. But thanks to the evolving #PlusSizeFashion and not to mention the blessing of internet stores, the task has become way more convenient than before. Even a few years back there was not much consideration in taking into account the body type of #CurvierWomen, the needs of which might vary drastically from those of petite women. If you are a #CurvyWoman you would of course have to understand what parts of your body do you not want to get exposed and which might be your best assets to flaunt. If you have an especially heavier midriff and thighs, you can always opt for dress style swimsuits, which not only conceals what needs to be concealed, but also gives enough peek at the cleavage. Plus Size Swimwear 2016These sorts of swimwear are popularly known as tankinis, shortinis, swimsuits with skirts, etc. Blousons are another very popular kind of swimwear for #PlusSizeWomen which have large flowing tops and since it is endowed with such a unique design it can hide the midriff very well.

A tankini is much like a bikini, that is, it is a two piece also. However unlike a short flimsy bra, it has a cupped tank top which covers the top half well. Another kind of swimwear very appropriate for curvier women is the shortini, which instead of an itsy bitsy #BikiniBottom, has shorts. This not only covers your thighs but also does not make you feel self conscious at all. If you are #PlusSize and looking for swimwear, one good tip to keep in mind is that if you have to go for prints at all, make sure to go for vertical stripes as they can make you look slimmer.

Make sure that no matter which style you opt for, it gives you a feeling of beauty and confidence and most importantly comfort. It is very essential to go for swimwear, which has in-built cups or bras so that you do not feel sagging and get enough bust support. Another thing to keep in mind is your shape. Select the type of swimwear based on your body type whether you are pear shaped, apple shaped round shaped or hour glass shaped. No matter what your choice be sure to feel comfortable.

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