Guide To Plus Size Bras

Every single woman on this earth has a love hate relationship with her bras. Ask her what is her favorite part of the day, and she’ll tell you that it is when she gets back home and takes off her bra. The struggle is especially real for curvy and plus sized women.

In light of this, today we are on a quest to help you hunt down the right plus sized bra that doesn’t make you want to give up bras for your life.

* Ask for assistance at the store: Go to a store that offers assistance. Trust us on this, you will need it. Make sure that you get measured over as well as under the bust before they calculate your size for you. Not only will this save you getting measured every single time, but it will also prevent you from wearing the wrong sized bras.Plus Size Bras Best

* Go for support for heavier activities: Push up bras or underwired bras are your best friends if you are going outside for some heavy work or even running. Also, we suggest that you are going for comfort, choose bras that are made of sturdy fabrics like pure cotton or cotton blends.

* Leave the lace for sexy times: Lace is a delicate fabric, especially if you are opting for a shelf bra. The thing about such bras is that they do not offer much support especially for your everyday normal activities since fabrics like lace and mesh happen to be so soft. So, we suggest that you try them for your sexy times or for fancy events when you want to feel your best.

* Make sure the straps and bands are okay: They are around 90% of the bra support, which means they are responsible for holding up your boobs. Make sure that they are comfortable and do not dig into your skin too much. If they do, then you know that the bra is too tight.

* Look for ghost boobs: Ghost boobs is when the top parts of your boobs spill out even when you are wearing your most comfortable bras. This should not happen if the bra fits you perfectly irrespective of whether it is a full cup or a half cup bra.

So, how helpful was our guide to buying plus sized bras? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below and let us know. Until then, happy shopping!

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