Forever Curves!

Priority, one of the most if not the only important thing in one’s life. Whether it is our personal life or professional, priorities hold a big role. Why am I talking about priorities in context to body shaming? The answer is clear, every single woman, whether they are chubby, slim, dark or fair, learn to priorities your self esteem for your own personal well being, without getting distracted by petty issues. That is the only important thing. Self esteem and image is a major amplification factor to happiness and why not start from within, women need to know that they are as sexy as they feel! Who says one can’t wear thongs to work? Curve ClothingWho says that your lingerie have to be plain jane when you wake up every morning to face the world? Sexy #Lingerie comes in all sizes and shapes and the key is being subtle.

Lace over sheer

You may now be puzzled by the choice, but laces and silks are eternal.They are classy and sexy at the same time. Sheer is more of a see through material, you can reserve that for your special ones. The advantage of lace lingerie is that, it not only makes you feel sexy inside, but also gives maximum coverage with avoidance of unnecessary emphasis on well endowed areas. Imagine the thought of a co worker or friend knowing about your naughty secret inside!

Panty lines: the ugly inside story

Avoid panties which have a tendency to grab unnecessary attention from a #BeautifulOutfit or a well fitted pair of trousers. Try G-strings or thongs instead. Not only does it give coverage,it is as sexy as it gets.

Battling the bikini fear

Women, you may not have the perfect body, you may not have a thigh gap, you may have cellulite in the most unwanted areas, embrace it! There is nothing as sexy as a well endowed woman who knows how to carry herself. Next time you hit a beach, not for once hesitate to carry your #Bikini. Wear it with sheer tops, wrap around and halters if you feel shy.There is no need for one to feel threatened by body shaming. Everybody is beautiful, every #Curve is a bonus point for your partner,always embrace it.

So women, next time you go #Lingerie shopping, do not hesitate for once to pick up the sexiest the store has to offer and surprise your partners. Remember to keep it subtle and sass up your regular days with a sizzling hot red #Bra!

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