Flare Pants – The Must Have Pair For The Curvy Girl

#FlarePants have the most amusing fashion history of origin. These pants were first worn by the US navy when they did not have a formal uniform. This was in the early 19th century. They were known as ‘bell bottom pants’ back then. In the 1960s and 70s, this style reached its peak in Europe and America on account of the hippie culture. They were generally in denims. No wonder we refer to the 70s as the most revolutionary period in fashion all around the world.

In the 21st century, these pants were modified to be known as the #FlarePants are the latest trend. Flare Pants Plus SizeThe boot cut and skinny fit are the novelties of the 21st century avatar of the bell bottom pants. Today they are available not only in denims but also trousers. They are available in various pretty colours and are the most valuable asset to the wardrobes of the curvy fashionista. Nothing camouflages a big butt like the #FlarePants. The poise it adds to your physique is only better. Above everything, it is in vogue today so when you are jeans shopping, make sure you pick a pair.

There is of course no reason why you should cover up a big butt. Fashion never teaches you to change who you are completely in order to be ‘fashionable’. Style is something you develop in the process of growing up; it is about accepting difference in body types, skin tones and attitudes. The reason why we talk about #FlareJeans and big butts is that sometimes, due to the conservative nature of certain clotheslines, bottom heavy girls have a hard time looking for pants.

If your shape is not for it, a narrow cut or slim cut jeans can not only be a difficulty to fit into but also make you look disproportionate. A flare or boot-cut jeans shifts the focus to the flare at the bottom and makes up for the broadness of the butt region. Sounds Greek? When you wear a skinny pair, it hugs on to your legs and gives it a sleek look, accentuating your bottom. However, the flare pants strikes a balance between the top and the bottom and makes the heaviness less explicit. Finally thus, it is possible to wear a stylish shirt and also maybe tuck in without feeling conscious about exposing a heavy bottom.

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