Fashion Tips To Look Slimmer

A healthy diet and exercise are the keys to keep our bodies in shape. But sometimes we lose count of our extra fats and wallow in for a change from our routine. There are times when a girl has to go through days when she feels fat or bloated. Therefore, every girl should know these genius #Styling hacks to look slimmer.

  • Choosing the right fit and flare is must. It can transform your look instantly. No rolls and bulges. A #KneeLengthDress which exposes the upper body and has flares which does not cling to the lower part of the body is the easiest way to create a slimmer silhouette. The #Dress should not be too cropped and the hem should hit the ankle area.Fashion Tips For Plus Size
  • A structured fabric hides the problem areas of your body while the detailing gives a visual certainty in the middle area. Fabrics like silk, cotton, denim makes it easier to slim and shape.
  • Wearing a single hue like black makes you gracefully thin. It creates an illusion of a long vertical line. However paler shades like white should be avoided.
  • Pointy shoes like pumps with low cuts instantly slenderize your leg while wearing a mid length #Dress. The heel should be two and a half inch above that helps to make the clothes fall and look better giving a willowy appearance.
  • #Dresses with vertical color and stripes should be opted as it makes you look taller. Palm sized prints also helps. Horizontal strips should be avoided as it makes you look wider. Brighter colors should be from waist down while lighter hue should cover the upper body.
  • High necks should definitely be avoided. Open necklines such as the V neck should be tried giving a lean appearance.
  • Lightweight long clothes like cardigans, scarves help to create a body lengthening look hiding the bulk. Jackets can be worn over dresses as they camouflage the extra flabs.
  • The right fitted undergarment is also necessary as it provides the basic support to the body. Shape wears can be used as it covers up the uneven lines. Undergarments without any support are best to stay away from.
  • Last but not the least one should not be ashamed of her curvy body. You should not pretend to be size 12 if you is size 14. You should own your size and flaunt your curves with confidence keeping in mind these simple fashion hacks.

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