Fashion Hacks That Would Make All The Curvy Girls Look Thinner!

Being curvy should no more be an embarrassment. The leaner girls are dying to have those perfect curves that you own, you know? Just the right confidence and the perfect clothes, and you would be up there to look like the perfect plus sized model!

Fashion saves you all the time. Think of how delighted you feel when somebody compliments you on how good or stylish you look someday. Why not make that happen, every time you step out of house?

We will help you! Do you feel a little apprehensive about looking a little overweight? Well! There is fashion again at your rescue! Just dress up smart wearing the right clothes, shoes, accessories, and you have the chance to look slimmer too. Don’t believe us? Try out the following by yourself!Outfits For A Curvy Girl

* Shapewears will never fail you.

How many of you knew even the leaner girls wear shapewears to perfect their curves or make their bulging tummy disappear? Shapewears are for everyone we tell you! Invest in good quality boy compressors. Those stretchy devices help to even out your bulges by distributing your weight in a proper manner from top to bottom, thereby giving you an impeccable look. This is probably the best way to make you look slimmer because they actually give others that illusion!

* The V-neckline would make your day.

Show yourself as the sexiest woman wearing a neckline that plunges down making your upper body look way slimmer. A little exposure there would do the trick! This would also help to cover up your broad hips and/or thighs and focus everyone’s attention on your oh-so-sexy wide neckline. Start shopping for everything V: tank tops, T-shirts, dresses, jackets or cardigans!

* Say a big NO to flowery prints.

We understand you love wearing prints, but we will tell you which ones to wear and what to dump. First, get rid of all your flowery printed clothes. They make you look fatter! Yes you can try wearing polka dotted tops, small printed dress, or flouncy maxi dresses, but do make sure that none of them are body-hugging. The best prints to wear for curvy women are vertical stripes. They would make you look way thinner and taller as well. It is all about the illusion you create after all! (wink)

* The high waist jeans is a must have!

These long high rise jeans that hides your tummy from the world is a necessity in your wardrobe. It not only gives you an elongated look but makes you appear thinner at the same time. Team it up with loose t-shirts or a flowy top with long sleeves before you head out. You can wear boyfriend t-shirts as well but do not wear anything baggy. Your other option could be wearing a tank top and clubbing it with a long shirt with the front open or a long shrug. This would give you a chic look!Curvy Girl Fashion Tips

* Love skirts? You should.

Who said curvy girls shouldn’t wear skirts? Wear pencil skirts that are of knee length or A-line skirts that are a little above the knees and would make you look super sexy for sure. Team it with a well-fitted top and a statement neckpiece to grab all eyeballs!

* When everything else fails, go black!

We all know this common fashion hack. What do we do when we do not understand what to wear be it any occasion? Obviously, we choose everything black! Be it an LBD or a pencil skirt with a plunging neckline top, or a jumpsuit, or anything for that matter, black will always, ALWAYS make you look slimmer!

* Heels will do the rest of the trick.

Heels not only make you look taller, but it gives the viewers a thinner visual of you too! Wearing low-cut vamp footwear with your dresses, skirts, trousers or any other outfit elongates your overall look while slenderising your legs. Find a one that matches your skin tone, and you’d be ready to rock the show!

Now that we have shared with you these wonderful fashion hacks, do not shy away from wearing, or dumping anything that you think would make you look plump! Just keep these simple tricks in mind when you go shopping the next time. Cheers beautiful ladies!

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