Fashion For Plus Size Women Over 50

Style is not limited to an age number. Age is just a number and style is an everlasting trait. Many today believe that after the age of 50, style is not the concern or a possibility. This is not true. Style has nothing to do with being over 50. There are countless examples of women who have retained and restyled themselves after crossing the half-century. The list is indeed endless. It is not necessary to wear ripped jeans, crop tops or one pieces to be stylish. Fashionable women over 50 are now transforming themselves and this metamorphosis is as mind boggling as it is inspiring. Let us look at some over 50 fashion hyped trends:


Pastel, floral and striped full sleeve sweaters are the new trend. Plus Size Women's Dress PatternsPaired with trousers, these will keep you warm and comfortable. We see countless women wear sweaters and trousers on their family outings. This trend is definitely the one which has provided a new range of clothing options to older women and has helped them change their style in a better and more upgraded manner. You can carry this sweater over to a friend’s place, to a party or to your office and it will definitely fit the surrounding and will provide the air of freshness and an aura of class to you.

Ankle length trousers

Jeans is not the only fashion trend available in the market. Trousers made from cotton, linen and other cloth are equally comfortable and durable. These trousers are perfectly advisable for women who are over fifty and are not blessed with a petite or slender figure. They are not too tight or too loose that they would either suffocate you or will make you look baggy or plumpy. They are available in so wide a range of sizes that each one is guaranteed to find their perfect fit. They can make any outfit stylish and casual at the same time.


It is commonly assumed that the age of 50 is frumpy. But it can be quite creative and free age. You just need little additions to your regular clothes in order to make them more stylish and effective. A range of cardigans, tops with cuts, jackets, scarves and accessories can butch up any kind of outfit. Classy and sophisticated variety of layers to your clothes can go a long way and provide a stylish look to not only thin but also to the plus sized women over the age of 50.

Color combinations

A bold and bright piece of cloth never goes unnoticed. Use bold colors that are paired with mild hues of blue, black, white and greens. These combinations are dauntingly beautiful and are very attractive. Don’t believe anyone who says otherwise. Bold colors are a definite way of showing off your confidence and composure. Plus Size Women's Summer FashionOne bold cloth in the entire outfit will provide a stylish new feature to the otherwise boring shades of pastels and mellow colors in your daily dressing.

Go Boho

Choose to adopt a bohemian style on an outing with the family in summers. Bright printed palazzos, tank tops, silver jewelry, bracelets and a classy bright coats and layers. All these sum up perfectly the holiday season style that will provide both comfort, coolness and trend to you. Being over 50 with a bohemian style does have their own advantages of not being judged, is favorable to waking and staying in all day in the same clothes due to the material of the cloth and provide you with a sense of freedom with this new radical style range.


We are always cautious about the print that we buy when we go out for shopping. For the women over 50, it is advisable to go for the prints that highlight the entire outfit. Floral and bold patchwork on the cloth pieces matched with other simple plains will give a striking contrast to the look and will make it definitely over 10 in your list.


Dark, breathable and elastic waist denims are a blessing for those women over fifty who are constantly working weather in the house or in the office. This elastic jeans are comfortable as the take the shape of the body and don’t cut on your waist. These are wear and tear everyday jeans that look fine with all type of tops. It is also available in all types of cuts, boot cut as well as straight pant.

Leggings and skinny jeans

Tops that gently hug your curves and go beneath the hips go quite well with leggings and skinny jeans. A simple shirt or a kurti would be a perfect combination for any casual event that you need to be at or for a house party.

After this quick review of fashion for women over 50, I am very sure you have a fairly good idea for a stylish day and to look ravishing for an event night.

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