Do’s And Dont’s For Plus Size Women

Are you confused about styling yourself when you go out or are getting ready for an event? Then we might have a solution for you. You feel that your plus size is a hindrance when it comes to wearing stylish clothes and that you look like a style misfit when compared to those thin women who look great in anything. We have a solution that would make you a style expert for your type of body and will help you dazzle in every event that you attend. Here are some tips to help you shop and style for yourself…

1. Dress your body shape and not size:

Finding the right body shape is essential in styling in an effective way. Dress For Plus Size Body TypeThere are many types of body shapes like rectangle, pear, apple, diamond and hourglass. When you know your body type you will know how to style yourself in a much better way than most women around you.

2. Accessories:

When you know your correct body type you can accessorize it to emphasize your looks. Even without petite waists and flat tummy accessories will give you a fantastic look. You don’t need a flat stomach to highlight your waist with belts. Tying a belt will provide a comfortable composure and will fit those clothes that you have sopped in a bigger size from the fear of your increasing weight. Now you can wear even bigger clothes with style. Aside from belts the accessories that you can use are bracelets, thin rings can make your fingers look longer and sleeker. Style yourself with long neckpieces, sleek and average sized handbags, dangling earrings and open hair for a look that will sweep anyone off their feet.

3. Cloth patterns:

Avoid design patches and block prints when it comes to clothes. Small prints or horizontal and vertical lines and geometrical design will provide a classier and better result in making you look irresistible. If you are the kind of person who wears pants more than dresses then don’t worry, we have something for you too. Combine plain and dark colored pants with light tops. Avoid tops with frills and layers as it will make you look obese. Choose the tops which fit your body and are comfortable. Light t-shirts, long floral pieces and tops with capped sleeves will perfectly balance your looks.

4. Dress type:

Don’t be afraid of showing your legs when it comes to it. Choose A-line dresses, light pleats, small frills, symmetrical skirts, vintage patterns, and pastel colours. All this will help you in styling yourself. Such dresses will make you look taller and slimmer when compared to other types of dresses. Choose the fabrics that hug your body and choose the dresses that are not longer than yourself as it could make you uncomfortable. Prefer the dresses that reach your calf muscles and you are all set to glow.

5. Footwear:

No matter what is said, footwear is an important part of your total outfit. do not opt for high heels to make you look taller even when you are uncomfortable and in pain after wearing them for the whole day. For those of you who needs to wear heels almost every day, choose the heels that are more comfortable, you can try heels that are less painful and would allow you to move more freely while wearing them. You can try various options such as kitten heels, wedges, cone heels, spool heels, ballroom dance shoes, French heels and ankle booties.

So, this was our checklist for some basic tips to style your plus sized figure. It is essential to know these basics in order to make a lasting wardrobe. These tips work for all types of plus size no matter what it is. Most importantly your grace and confidence is what gives the glittering shine to your outfit. so whatever it is that you wear, be sure to carry it with grace and confidence and you are sure to turn the heads in your direction wherever you go. stay tuned for more amazing content on plus size fashion

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