Ditch The Traditional Norms And Embrace The Curvy Frame

It’s no secret that ‘standard norms’ of beauty is associated with emaciated state and thinness. Our culture associates the slim and slender body to the concept of great beauty. However, times are changing and with it the concept of beauty. Feminism is not all about ‘equality’, it extends its barriers to ‘acceptance’. It preaches acceptance of women of all shapes and sizes as equally beautiful. Every woman is beautiful, be it women with abs or ‘Women With Flabs’. The Fashion Industry is ever growing and ever evolving, and the increase in Plus Size Models have created a positive change in people’s outlook toward Plus Size Women. Several Plus Size Fashion Designers are dedicated to creating clothing lines for Curvy Frames that have the confidence of embracing their beauty.Curvy Girl Chic Plus Size Fashion

Women are breaking barriers

A major section of masculine population considers thin women to be prettier and more attractive. This narrowness also comes from the television world that typifies beauty as being equivalent to ‘slenderness’. However, women and a part of the masculine population are slowly realizing that beauty has nothing to do with size. It’s a simple ‘conception’ that needs to be changed for good. Women like Ina Garten are breaking barriers and showing the world that ‘curves’ are sign of ‘healthy women’, and that embracing the curves is the true show of confidence. A Plus Size Beauty with wide eyes, gorgeous skin, husky laugh and brunette bob, she showcases the poise and confidence of a true beauty.

Fashion events educating women

There’s nothing wrong with having slim and slender frame, similarly there’s nothing erroneous with embracing curves. Plus Size Fashion Events are being organized by top brands around the world. Curvy Models are setting an example for the simple everyday women that there are far more important things than counting the amount of carbohydrates. Instead of preaching women about taking up less space, the focus should be on educating that, every woman is beautiful and unique.

The models and brands associated with these events offer Plus Size Fashion Tips that help women embrace their size and highlight their curves with poise. Be it an A line skirt, maxi dress, body cons, bikinis, skinny jeans, ripped shirts, women above size 10 can sport anything and everything without worrying about their flabs. Thousands of fashion blogs are created on a daily basis that offer women with the required knowledge about ‘dressing appropriately’ without worrying about their ‘size’.

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