Different Types of Lingerie For Plus Size Woman

The word, Lingerie….when heard we still feel shy to talk about it. It happens sometimes some woman don’t know the exact meaning of lingerie. Lingerie and undergarments both are different but we don’t distinguish between them. There are many types of lingerie we don’t but today the definition has changed. In the era of 21st century the definition of figure has changed. Now zero size is not trend but the plus size is. Plus size fashion is the new in fashion and glamour world.

Plus Size Lingerie fashion

We were talking about lingerie. Until now slimmer and trimmer women were enjoying this tiny piece of cloth but now lingerie are available for plus size women to flaunt their curves and make them feel happy. So now let us discuss various types of lingerie.

Plus size Lingerie for Women

Camisole Lingerie

Camisole is most common type of lingerie that can be easily found in any woman’s wardrobe. Camisoles generally being wear as slip under any t-shirt. But a matching combo of camisole and panty makes a beautiful set. Camisoles come in many colors and designs.

Plus Size Camisole Lingerie

Bustier Lingerie

If you are plus size woman with heavy bust the bustier lingerie is for you to give your bust proper shape and curve and to make you feel happy. Bustier lingerie uplifts your bust area and gives firmness to your breast.

Plus Size Bustier Lingerie

Lingerie Nightgowns

Who don’t love the comfortable ever nightgowns? If you are a curvy and less confident on wearing short lingerie silky nightgown is the best option for woman with plus size. They come in lots of colors and varieties, short, long, sleeveless, backless, etc. They are so silky and smooth to wear at night.

Plus Size Lingerie Sleepwear

Teddy Lingerie

Teddy lingerie is a kind of bikini which is not padded but comes with the support of underwire. Teddy is the combo of camisole and panty and available in various fabrics like satin, lace, lycra etc.

Plus Size Teddy Lingerie

Corset Lingerie

Corset is magical lingerie which helps you hide your bulges and gives your body a proper shape. Corset lingerie is like a blessing for plus size girl. Corset lingerie gives you partly hour glass look and can be worn under any transparent top.

Plus Size Corset Lingerie

Lingerie Comes In Matching Sets

When you are feeling low on mood you may try out matching lingerie sets to lift up your mood and feel like a princess. Matching lingerie set gives you the happy feeling for yourself.

Plus Size Womens Lingerie

Garter Belt Lingerie

We may have seen pictures of girl wearing lingerie with belt or dancing in a bar wearing lingerie with belt, this kind of lingerie is called garter belt lingerie. Garter belt holds the stockings up and keeps it tight. If you are a plus sized and feeling shy to wear, it can be wear under any skirt or dress. Garter belt comes in four straps and can be paired with corset.

Wearing lingerie makes you feel happy from inside and confident in front of your partner. Choose lingerie according to your body shape. When you select right type of lingerie according to your body shape no matters whether you are plus size woman or slimmer one. So now whenever you go for a shopping don’t forget to buy hot lingerie to surprise your partner at night.

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