How To Choose Your Flattering Swimsuit

Plus size women these days do not have to shop around much to get their swimsuit with so many offline/online options available. But, it is still not an easy task to look for a flattering swimsuit which helps them get the perfect fit.

Basically a plus size woman should focus on two primary factors before they decide to shop for plus size swimwear and these factors are

Knowing Your Shape

Plus Size Flattering Swimsuit

Heart Shape

If your shoulders are broad with small hips and big chest, then try experimenting with the assets as you have a superb and it is always recommended to flaunt it. One piece plus size swimwear having a large neckline can be a good option for flattering swimwear. On the other hand, 2 piece swimwear having halter necks would highlight the best assets plus a full size bottom to mask.

Two Piece Plus Size Swimwear

Pear Shape

In case you are having normal breast size & shoulders but with heavy hips then you have a pear shape. You should ideally give more importance to top. A perfect plus size swimwear say for example one piece with some really busy prints on your bust would catch everyone’s attention plus bottom in solid colour would help your lower body appear slimmer. So, plus size swimwear for women pleated on the body from both sides can be a good mask for the huge tummy.

Perfect Plus Size Swimwear

2 piece plus size swimwear like tankini top with plain coloured bottom and busy print can also help flaunt your body.

Hour Glass Shape

This is a perfect body. Your waist tends to be smaller as compared to your hips and bust. You can try 2 piece plus size swimwear like skirtinis or tankinis which can be quite flattering while offering the right masking that is required. A pleated top is certainly the right choice with a bottom that offers complete masking will help put things in right place.

2 Piece Plus Size Swimwear

Apart From The Body Shape You Should Also Consider Your Body Measurements

Plus Size Swimwear

This is ideally ignored but the most crucial factor that needs to be considered before shopping the right swimwear as the size varies with different manufacturers and designers. Thus you need to know the product sizing when you buy swimwear online. The size chart can help you find out the measurements. Also, do not consider the normal clothes to be of same size as swimsuit. Spend some time to know the right size and read the chart for product sizing so that you can compare it with your body measurement.

Plus Size Designer Swimsuit

The above mentioned tips can help you buy the perfect flattering plus size swim wear and if you are buying the swimwear online then make sure you check the refund policy like the duration within which you can return the product and the costs involved. The return policies differ with every seller and thus make sure you check the return policy for every new seller you buy from so that you can experience a hassle free purchase. In case you have any queries related to return policies make sure you ask before you place an order for your plus size swimwear.

Plus Size Swimsuit

Well, while buying online it is important to know your size and shape accurately so that you don’t have to either get in process of returning it and waiting for a long time to get it replaced. In case you aren’t sure about your size or shape you can consult your dress designer or simply visit a physical store where you can go try the dress and then get a clear picture how it looks on you.

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