Building A Plus Size Wardrobe

Do you always feel that you do not have enough clothes to wear? It is the case that you are always running scarce of choices and combinations that look great. We have the ultimate guide for the capsule wardrobe that will help you in any situation and occasion. A capsule wardrobe will help you to decide and shop in a way that can be used. These are the clothes that when you shop will provide you with a full outfit that can be paired in multiple ways so that you always have something to wear when you need to go out or on a holiday.

We will start at the most basic. It is important to have tank tops of basic colors of white, black and grey. You can wear them with anything and can pair them with jackets and cardigans. Plus Size Dresses Near MeNext you should go for a white tee that can be worn with any pant or shorts. A basic plain white blouse is a must for a capsule wardrobe. You can also go for a Kimono shirt that will look great for offices and parties. It can be used as a pullover or a cardigan and a formal dress at the office party.

Next you could go for a white and black patterned cardigan to be worn over any t-shirt. A grey plain t-shirt and a printed tee for any occasion is a mandatory factor for a wardrobe. These will allow you to dress quickly as possible and look your best. Another piece of garment for your wardrobe is a long cardigan. This is for those late night evenings and walks that come in cool weather. These clothes are the ones that can be worn at any point and are very comfortable.

There is a need to have a plus size casual dress for those parties with friends and colleagues. A grey blouse for office wear is also a must. Another most important piece of cloth in your wardrobe is a grey coat. This warm coat is for all those winter days and nights. It will keep you warm and cozy in the coldest weather. It is important to have at least one warm coat or a sweater in the closet for winters. All clothes are great but this is one of the most important piece of cloth. For this reason only we suggest you to also have a knit sweater and a tunic in your wardrobe. It is therefore advisable to buy warm clothes as we have cold weather for 6 months of the year. We don’t want to fall ill and that is why it is important to have warm clothes in your plus size capsule wardrobe.

Now we come to the most important part of the wardrobe. A blue denim and a girlfriend jeans to wear with any tee or a shirt is a must part. Jeans is an important part of the dressing as it comes handy in dressing for parties and outings. A poncho is also a great piece for a closet. It is great for quick dressing for cocktail parties and weekend holidays. Plus Size Mix And Match WardrobeYou can pull it over a tank top and pair it with a jeans and it is a great outfit to wear on a weekend date night. It is also important to have a sleeveless dress and a fancy dress in the wardrobe. These are the clothes that can be worn at a party or at the office formal gathering or on office days.

We now come to the office style. We advise you to have a black tunic, black long sleeved blouse, a knit sweater, blazer and a dressy top. All of these upper body pieces can be worn at the office. The bottoms to go with it are leggings, black denims, pants and pencil skirts. You can also add a leather jacket to the wardrobe for an extra fancy look. A leather jacket acts as both formal and informal piece of clothing in the closet. These were the pieces of clothing that you need to have in your closet.

After clothes we now move on to footwear. We ask you to own a pair warm boots, booties, a pair of regular sneakers, flip-on’s, flats and high boots. Having these will make up for all the outfits that are possible from your capsule wardrobe. If you feel like it you can also opt for pumps and cone heels. These are perfect footwear for office wear and formal parties.

As for accessories you don’t need much. Aside from watches you can go for hats, scarves and shades that suit your face cut and type. Amalgamation of all these accessories with the clothes and shoes will make an outfit which would fit perfectly in all kinds of situations. You can always find something in this capsule wardrobe to fulfill your needs and look fabulous.

Building A Plus Size Wardrobe

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