Break The Plus Size Rules And Look Amazing

The plus size women are generally advised to not wear large prints or are told to hide behind large, unshapely clothes and conceal those curves for the fear of looking ugly or grotesque. It is important to know your body type and shape but being a plus size must not stop you from wearing that what you like the most. After all the utmost rule of fashion is wearing what you like, wearing what makes you feel comfortable and confident. There are infinite possibilities that would open when you decide to just wear what you wish to without worrying about the stereotypes that circle the plus size fashion. After all, everyone has the right to look and feel fabulous, confident and stylish no matter what their size might be.

You might have heard that wearing block prints will make you look fatter. But it is not entirely so. What Plus Size Clothes Look Like OnBlock prints in full gowns and sleeves look actually great. Block prints in traditional clothes also makes a striking combination with plain blouses or with plain lehengas. Patch work and bohemian fashion that consists of vibrant prints will also look great when worn on a sunny afternoon and will provide you with comfort. You can always opt for bold block prints when you wish to have a striking impression on the other with your dressing. Office wear can also consist of printed skirts or tops and can be pulled off with equal flair and grace by all the women.

It is also said that wearing stripes will make you look bad. Stripes can actually accentuate your curves when worn in the correct patterns. For those plus size woman who are short, this can actually be a beneficial thing. Horizontal stripes can make you look taller and leaner. Mixture of various stripes and geometrical patterns are a great idea for a dress. These patterns will give a different look and you will stand in a different style than everyone else.

White clothes are considered a big no no for plus size women. But believe it or not, wearing white is a wonderful thing when it is in terms of dresses. White dresses give an aesthetic appeal to the appearance. It is therefore good to wear white. You can style the plain white dresses and tops with jackets, cardigans and pullovers of any other color. White mixes well with all the patterns and prints and is very helpful in a situation when you need to dress quickly and attractively.

You resist wearing denims because you feel that it will highlight the problem areas, will make you look fat or obese? Don’t worry. Denims are the best thing that could happen to your wardrobe. Denims go with all types of tops, t-shirts and shirts. No matter what, just throw in a denim and you are good to go. it is not necessary to wear skinny jeans, you can opt for straight cut, boot legged or boyfriend jeans. Whatever it is, a denim will simplify your everyday struggle of choosing what to wear. You can also throw in a jacket or extra layers for detailing in your outfit. a denim can be worn with anything and would still enhance your best features.

One more often heard advice to plus sized women is that they should stay in the plain and mellow colors rather than opting for bold and bright colors. It is not relevant however to the women who are essentially bright creatures. You are perfectly capable of pulling off bright colors like green, red, yellow, and sea blue as well as green. No matter what, you do not need to stay in the primary colors of shades of black, blue, white, grey and silver. Bright metallic colors are also a great choice when it comes to going to parties and events. All the colors of the chart look good on you. Adding at least a single piece of garment to your otherwise grey outfit can magnify the look in a great way and will give you the impression of colorful personality as well as will brighten up your day by a tiniest bit.

Another stereotype that plus size women live by is that sleeveless blouses and dresses make their arms look fat or ugly. Ladies there is no need to feel conscious while wearing sleeveless. You are as attractive as any other woman out there and wearing sleeveless is a great feeling as we all know. Sleeveless clothes make you look more attractive and put together.

We all hate the restraints on our arms when the fitting is not done properly and we all feel that it would have been better to just go for sleeveless instead of going through the trouble of adding extra pair of sleeves to a beautiful dress by going to the tailor and making the same dress uncomfortable. Instead of going through all this trauma it is much better to opt for the sleeveless look in the first place.

So these were some of the plus size rules that are actually fun when you break it and go rogue. Ladies have fun with your clothes and wear what you feel the best. We will be back with more content but until then keep having fun.

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