Bottom Choices For Plus Size Women

Pants are a universally preferred type of clothing that all women have. Love of pants is not of today but has continued since ages. Pants are the one type of bottom that we can wear in any condition in any place and occasion. It is simply comfortable and easy to carry. Bottoms have now become a compulsion for a stylish wardrobe. We here have a wide range of bottom collection for you to choose from. Regardless of your size, these bottoms will sweep you off your feet and are very stylish. We have specially added this range for plus size women who feel that they are unable to wear stylish bottoms because of their bulge but we assure you that this range of pants will be charming and comfortable while effectively smoothening the bulge that you fear.

Straight jeans

Straight leg jeans are a must have in your wardrobe. Plus Size Bell Bottom PatternThese jeans are comfortable for everyday wear in the office and at home. They will provide you with seamless thighs and will not stick to your skin like the uncomfortable tight pants that your body hates. You can pair the jeans with a casual or a cocktail party top to give it the desired effect. Plain straight leg jeans will match instantly with any kind of top, shirt or t-shirt. Having such a plain jeans will also solve much of your troubles when you quickly need to dress for a party or a weekend with friends or family. Just throw in some casual tops and you are done.


Do not worry if you cannot find a pant that fits both your waist and your thighs, jeggings is the fit for you. It has flexible elastics and will immediately take the shape of your body. Jeggings is a comfortable choice for a day out in the nature or a day out with friends and while shopping. Its material is based on cotton and will soak your sweat in summer and will dry quickly in monsoon. Therefore, you do not need to worry about staying in wet clothes or sweat smelling pants for the whole day on your outing. These are the perfect companions for long tees, dresses and skirts.

Jodhpur pants

Jodhpur pants are the new go-to style. These pants are loose till your knees and end in a cuff around your ankles. These pants compliment crop tops, Kurtis and traditional embroidered short tops. They will turn eyes at a party and are very comfortable due to its flowing satin, silk and rayon fabric. These contain deep pockets for your cellphone so that you don’t have to leave it or carry it in your hands. They are comfortable and let your skin breathe through the fabric as it doesn’t stick to the skin. These pants, top and a traditional or casual footwear will get you ready for any function quickly and will make you look stunning.

Palazzo pants

Palazzo pants have been the most popular trend of the previous year. This trend still continues when it comes to plus size fashion. The palazzo pants are available in almost all the colours and prints. However, plain palazzos are a clear choice when it comes to wearing them in a casual way. These pants are open and will not let you feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable. They are specially designed to provide comfort to all sizes. Palazzo pants will cleverly give you an effortless look and you will not have to worry about the layers of fat that might otherwise show in any other pant. These when paired with a plain top and a jacket will give an office attire that you can wear regularly and carry it with confidence and comfort. Here you will not have to be constantly worrying about how you look and can easily focus on your job more.

Formal trousers

Formal trousers are another such pair that is elegant and effortless to carry. These formal pants come in many styles and patterns. Bold as well as mild solids, small prints, large prints, checks and stripes. Plus sizes are advised to go for solids and small prints, as these will make you look more put together and striking. Choose the pants that will fit nicely to your curves and are not undersized or oversized. Know your size and choose the correct pattern. When these pants are paired with simple buttoned down shirt, they give a highly professional look and will provide you with the confidence to work efficiently. The pants are not only useful for offices but a casual crop top over a bold solid pant will also give an outfit that can be worn on parties and exhibitions.


Bellbottoms are the returning trend in fashion. Printed, plain and embroidered pants with patchwork are what is seen in latest trends. These pants will give you a retro look and will cast a spell on every party that you go too.

Here we conclude the list. Now you can proudly show off your pants collection to anyone and be stylish at all the time with minimal effort. So never be afraid to show off your curves and always be trendy.

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