Best Plus Size Business Attire For Stylish Women

For years, the beauty industry has defined the standards of beauty and set the bar too high for real women. Skinny models with petite shapes have always donned the covers of fashion magazines and a lot of brands have targeted similar-looking women while selling their products.

This means that all women who are plus size have been left out of the loop for far too long, with the looks on the rap being designed especially for a different body type.

However, it is equally important for plus-sized women to dress to impress and to be able to make a good impression when they walk into a business meeting or to a presentation. To feel and look confident, there are several different looks that a working plus-sized woman can try on.

Plus Size Business Attire

Here are some ideas that will help you dress better if you are a working professional and a plus-sized woman.


A v-neck top is a plus-sized woman’s best friend. The shape of the neck, in this case, accentuates a person’s curves in all the right places and allows them to make the most of their curves and flaunt their body in the right way. A crepe v-neck top can be paired with a pair of straight-cut formal pants to make a perfect workwear outfit. This can be converted from workwear to a more casual appearance for the night by adding a statement necklace to the look.

A Tailored Shirt

A Chinese collar brings out all the good features in a plus sized body and makes for a great plus size business attire. Many shirts might feel like they are made for men but you can get them tailored to suit your body shape and make the most of it.

A boxy cut is the best way to manage your body type and look elegant while doing so. Try to stick to a good straight fitting shirt as long as you can.

Silk Tops

Silk tops tend to fall freely on any body shape and hence they tend to make a woman’s curves look better and they hide any fat tiers that one might have. Silk will tend to smoothen out your appearance making you look slimmer.

This makes it a great plus size business attire. You can choose bold patterns when you wear a silk top and make sure you pair it with a pretty pair of earrings to give it the extra oomph factor.

Two-Tone Knits

The horizontal division between two-toned knits usually works as a great way to divert attention from your problem areas. This is a great way to switch it up from your regular knitted sweater and tops and use dual-tone knits to make your work wardrobe more interesting.

Plus Size Business Clothes

Draped Top

If you want to attract attention to all the right areas in the body and make your body look more toned then it is safe to say that there isn’t a better option than a draped top. This accentuates your curves and compliments every body structure.

Paired with wide-legged formal pants, a draped top will make a perfect plus size work attire and make sure you look well prepared and ready to take on the world.

A Beige Trench Coat

Adding layers takes an onlooker’s eyes off the problem area and gives the body a more slim and trim appearance. This is the reason why it is a great idea to add a trench coat to your workwear collection. You can pair this outwear with any of your plus size business attire and make sure you add a spark to your everyday workwear. Team it with a pair of pants, a formal dress or even a shirt and skirt to make your outfit stand out at work.

A Shirt Dress

A shirt dress is a simple yet classy way of wearing formal wear without much hassle and it is easy to carry and manage. It is an easy outfit to put together and works well for all those days where you can decide what to wear. This will make for a great piece when it comes to plus size business attire. These can be paired with flats, heels and sandals depending on your mood.

Asymmetric Dresses

There are a lot of ways to create the illusion of being taller or slimmer. One way to do this is to dress in asymmetrical dresses that do not bring out the problem areas and help take the attention off of it. A jersey asymmetrical dress is a great way to dress for your office without having to go through a lot of hassle to dress up in the morning. It is a plus-size business attire than can be put together in minutes and will make you feel comfortable and confident at the same time.

Plus Size Business Clothing

A-line dresses

To bring out the best in your body, you can rely on an a-line dress to make you look taller and slender. These make for a great way to spruce up your office wear and ensure that you look confident. It is a great way to put together plus size business attire. These will look great in an important meeting and give you an edge over everyone else present in the room.

High Low Skirt

If you want to wear a skirt but are uncomfortable showing skin or feel like it brings out the worst parts of your body, you can always go for a high low skirt. These will cover enough skin and give a slimming appearance to anyone wearing them.

These plus size business attire ideas and pieces will allow a plus-size woman to dress her best as she goes to work and make a lasting impression not only because of her work but also her appearance. Go ahead and team these pieces together with formal shoes to make a great outfit for work.

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