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We all like the 90s fashion so much when we see them on the screen and are worn by models or our favorite actresses. It becomes a goal to be able to pull off those looks that seem evergreen and perfect. We feel that all others look great and we are somehow incompetent to pull off those looks when it comes to us or are too shy to wear them in public. It is for that same reason that we try so much to stay in shape by going to the jim, exercising, dieting and even starving ourselves to look great. We tell you it is not necessary to do any of this to look fabulous. You can achieve these 90s looks by correct styling. It is all there in you to pull off these super fashion looks.

Plus Size Vintage FashionAs we all recall, jackets were a great catch in 90s. All kinds of jackets can be worn and pulled off when it comes to 90s look. A simple tee or a tank top can satisfy for an inner layer and then a jacket can be paired with any jeans or trousers. Printed jackets look even better if the tee or the tank top is plain. Jackets with galaxy prints and jersey numbers on them are very popular and trendy even today. This is one such lasting fashion and regardless of their pattern, jackets never go out of style. If you are not comfortable wearing leather jackets and if you live in a tropical climate and are unable to wear a leather jacket, do not worry. You can go for simple cloth jackets and pullovers fir the effect. They are not very different when it comes to the entire look of the outfit.

Another one of 90s trend is a high waisted jeans. Do not worry, if you feel that you are unable to pull off a skinny jeans because of your plus size, you can always go for a straight cut or bootlegged jeans. They are in fact more retro than skinny jeans and will accentuate the entire 90s pumped look. High waist jeans are not just retro but are also very comfortable. You would never need to worry about the little peeps of your underwear or will have to wear a belt. Let’s face it we all feel a little uncomfortable when we have to wear belts on jeans that we tried so much to find in the correct size. All these troubles can be over with a simple high waist jeans of the retro style.

Overalls is one such fashion trend that is existing even today. Though the styles and patterns of it have changed but is still there. It has gone from baggy overalls to fitted ones and to patterned and again back to the baggy ones. They are super comfortable and have multiple pockets where you can put small wallets and phone. These can be paired with plain tees and spaghetti tops. Almost everything can be worn with these overalls and you can guarantee that it will look great. No matter what your size, overalls are one thing that you will never have to worry about and would look great. The most amazing thing about this is that they are available in all sizes and even if you have brought a size or two larger they would still look great.

Stripes are the most popular pattern when it comes to 90s retro clothes. Blouses, tees, shirts, sarees, pants and shirts, all were available in but one pattern: stripes. Vertical, horizontal as well as diagonal stripes were the most popular trend then. You can easily recreate the retro look with the help of stripes. Any dress and tee with stripes can be paired with a denim jacket and the retro look is ready. You can also reverse the pattern and wear a plain inner and a striped outer layer. This is just as good as the previous combination.

Accessories are an important part of fashion. 90s era was full of accessories. Scarves are the most distinguishing feature of those outfits. We can see the number of ways in which the scarves were tied and used in those times. Along with scarves one another thing that was most popular was the use of belts of various sizes. Shades are a must for the 90s outfit. You can opt for kitten heels, cone heels, platform wedges and flats to go with your 90s outfit and it would just look perfect.

Countdown to Summer

90s fashion is not all about the types of clothes and the accessories that were worn. It owes its success to those startling color combinations that were adopted at that time. The most prominent thing about the retro fashion are the bold colors of the clothes and accessories. Black and white, red and green, yellow and blue, pink and orange and many more. The list is endless. Suffice it to say that these colors will add a shot of brightness and novelty to our otherwise tedious lives.

Countdown to Summer
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Countdown to Summer

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