9 Must Haves For Plus Sized Women

Flaunting the bold curves that you have is not something everyone could pull off well. You can steal any show with the perfect confidence, right clothes, shoes and accessories! You may have little extra kilos, but that should never stop you from being a fashionista.

It is more important to be comfortable in your skin than anything else is in this world. Do not be bogged down when somebody tries to give you fashion advice; show them that you can dress up better than them or than what most skinny people look like. Ladies, let us be of a li’l help in this regard.

Here we have shared some wardrobe essentials that will show the world how big a stylist you are yourself. Check them out!Plus Size Womens Clothing

1. A tank top is a necessity.

Cotton tank tops are not only super comfortable, but they look chic and cool at the same time. They are wardrobe essentials for everyone! Pick a white or a black tank top that you could wear with almost any colored bottom. They are also great for workouts, or a cool Sunday brunch or professional meeting when you team it with a blazer. Light and easy to wear, this is an ultimate necessity!

2. T-shirts too!

T-shirts are versatile and you can never go wrong with them. For plus sized women boyfriend t-shirts or loose t-shirts look great! Avoid the ones that are too loose as they would bring out a baggier look, and make you look fatter. Wear more of V-neck t-shirts that would make your upper body look leaner. If you are not very comfortable with that, try the boat neck t-shirts. Team with good-fitting jeans, mostly a high-rise one.

3. Sweaters.

Having one basic sweater is mandatory. We totally recommend solid colors when it comes to sweaters. For example, you could never go wrong with a plain black sweater or a dark blue or maroon shade. You could team the same with basic jeans, a midi length or short skirt, nice boots or heels, accessories by carrying a leather sling bag or small purse, and by wearing a statement neckpiece or funky jewelry to complete your look.

4. A-line skirt or pencil skirt.

These two lengths’ skirts are meant for you. If you are heavier at the bottom, these two types would give an illusion of a slimmer version of you. If your mid-section is broader, try a not too tight pencil skirt. Don’t believe it could make you appear leaner? Try it for yourself. Oh, you can team a pencil skirt with a plum jacket to look uber-trendy!Good Quality Women's Plus Size Clothing

5. Long shirts.

Long shirts with buttons, or no buttons to layer up your look is a wardrobe must-have too. Wear a tank or t-shirt with basic or ripped jeans and white sneakers, and don the long shirt along with it for a super casual day look!

6. Button-up blouses.

A well-fitted button up blouse isn’t hard to find at all, and a basic all-plain white shirt is a wardrobe essential for everyone. Buy the correct size and make sure it doesn’t fall loose in any area of your upper body. Check how it fits your bust so that you don’t go wrong about the size. The remaining part can be tailored as per your convenience. Wear well-fitting jeans for a chic and casual look. For a more formal look, you can team it with black trousers and pointed bellies.

7. A special occasion dress/gown.

Own at least one or two dresses that you could wear to parties or on special occasions anytime. Choose a cocktail dress and not just a classic one. This one should be true to your size and should be an attention-grabber! It could be a shiny or sparkling one with an ornamental neckline, or a dress with a deep and plunging neckline to grab all eyeballs at the party! If nothing else, remember the classic black LBD!

8. Well-fitting undergarments.

For greater cover, wearing the right inner garments is necessary. Buy the right size so that no part of your body bulges out from anywhere. Invest on good quality under garments. If you don’t find the right size in stores, choose from online shopping sites.

9. Shapewear is a mandate.

For plus sized women, body compressors or shapewears are like an answer to their prayers of looking slimmer. Shapewears will help to minimise the lumps and bumps in your body giving you a clean chic look, and making that lovely dress of yours possible to wear. Invest good money on buying the best quality shapewears.

There are many types of shapewears available in stores and online, choose the right fit and type as per your need.

We are sure you cannot wait to add these to your closet. Happy shopping!

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