8 Trends That A Curvy Woman Should Say No To!

Fashion as you know can make or break your day. You may think you look impeccable, whilst others may invariably differ. While fashion is something you should choose and follow individually, you should avoid some common mistakes.

There are clothes or accessories, which make you look plumper than you actually are. You should definitely steer clear of them. We know you don’t want to look heavier!

Here in this article we will tell you about some common fashion trends that you should shake and bake (say NO to). Keep reading.

1. Umm… no skinny jeans, please!

Plus Size What To WearWe all love our jeans. We keep wearing the same one again, and again, and again, because they make you feel so comfortable! But you may be tempted to buy new skinny jeans. Ah, trust us, those jeans will accentuate your curves or your other larger proportions and will make you look plump! While they may look great on skinny people, maybe we should just let them be with that. Keep in mind, if the jeans means you have to struggle to wear it, chances are that it will make you look much fatter. So dump them now! You can try high-rise well-fitted jeans instead!

2. No puffy coats, no!

When winter comes, sure you want to wear something that is fluffy, cosy and keeps you warm. While fluffy coats are great for the purpose, but they make you look super-fat! We know you believe us. So get rid of them, and wear longer jackets with a V-neckline instead. Those will make you look slimmer. Okay if you are obsessed with puffy coats, then maybe you can choose the one that is cinched at the waist. That should help to not make you look fat.

3. No shapeless wears for you darling!

While baggy tops, extremely loose shirts can tempt you to buy them for their super comfort, please resist the temptation for God’s sake! They will just add more kilos to your weight and make you look heavier. Instead of such shapeless garments, choose the ones that are well structure. For example, a well fitted top with a dark coloured knee-length pencil skirt, or a black gown or LBD, or a jacket that fits well!

4. The ankle length would not help you, woman.

There are many who think, an ankle-length maxi dress or gown could help you to hide your unwanted areas, but hey, you are going wrong! This is more harmful.The ankle length dresses make you look badly dressed as well as chubbier. Switch to midi length, knee length or short dresses instead.

5. Dump the flat shoes now.

Plus Size Fashion What To WearIf you are on the heavier side of fashion, it is best to avoid platform heels or flat footwear unless they are pointed at the front. The latter would make you look slimmer. Wear heels with low van cuts or stilettos, or good boots. Even wedge heels would do the trick.

6. No turtlenecks.

Turtlenecks are a total no-no for plus sized women. When you hid your neck, the distance between your chin and chest visually appears nearer making you look fatter. Show off your skin a little and wear v-necklines or plunging necklines to look slimmer and fitter.

7. No body hugging clothes for you.

Tight clothes would turn out to be an ultimate turnoff for you. Switch to well-fitted garments instead. Body hugging outfits are not for you. Try the loose fits, but make sure they are not too loose to make you appear baggy!

8. Some basics that you should keep in mind always!

Say no to big prints or patterns, as they would only make you look bigger. Choose prints that are smaller, maybe polka dots, or vertical lines if you are very fond of patterns and prints. No horizontal prints for you, my girl! Also, do not purchase clothes of lighter shade, as they highlight your curves. Switch to darker colors like black, maroon, navy blue or so. Invest on well-fitting inner garments that would cover up the necessary parts without falling loose and not be too small for you. This would make you look well-structured and not flimsy.

Avoid these common style trends, and keep our tips in mind. No one can stop you from looking uber-stylish now.

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