6 Top Tips To Choosing The Right Plus Size Lingerie

Nothing makes a woman feel as good as a right sized bra does. This is especially true for plus-sized women who struggle with trying to find the right bras for their body type. But you don’t have to worry anymore. We are here armed with some full proof solutions!

The 6 tips you should follow when going lingerie shopping:

* Don’t follow the trend: With plus size body types being in vogue nowadays, you might be tempted to follow all the lingerie styles that are showcased in magazines. But the trends displayed there might not be perfect for regular use.

* Relax your body while getting measured: Don’t tuck in your tummy or draw your breath so that your curves appear less prominent while the shop assistant is measuring you for the right lingerie size. Embrace your curves and allow your body to be relaxed as much as possible so that the right measurements can be taken.Plus Size Intimates Apparel

* Does it target your problem areas? This is the first question you should ask once you have spotted a bra in the right size. The plus sized women who want to get a slimmer waist opt for a bra in a corset style, whereas others opt for minimize bras that make their breasts appear less bulky.

* The key is the fabric: These days, lingerie is available in every fabric imaginable – be it satin or cotton, velvet or lace, fishnet or leather. The ideal lingerie shopping list in a plus sized woman’s life should consist of comfy and practical lingerie made out of cotton as well as some sensual fabrics like silk and satin for some special nights in your life.

* Clingy is not always sexy: Women often opt for smaller sized bras in the hope that it would make their breasts look fuller. But such a choice in a plus-sized woman’s life can lead to discomfort and backaches. Always choose a bra that provides you with the requisite support yet makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.

* Don’t be shy: Most of us experience some kind of body confidence issues but you shouldn’t let it come in the way of finding a good plus sized bra for your body. Leave all your self-consciousness behind and seek the help of the shop assistants or a close friend.

Once you find the right bra, learn to love your curves and your lingerie will always fit you like a dream!

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